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One Man Affects Another: Why being mindful of your actions is significant

While many conspiracy theories tell that the virus, Covid-19, is a human-made disease, we can’t help but notice how a single invention can almost doom the whole of humanity. In addition to this, there are colossal havoc that happened, happens, and will happen simply because of a trivial mistake, accidental or not. However, wherever the virus came from, it only tells us one thing: be mindful of your actions. Analyzing how this disease spreads throughout the world, only portrays how insensitive those who are carriers of the virus can roam around still as if they are not carrying a disease. On top of that, people experiencing simple coughs and fever should be mindful enough not to go outside and socialize with others unless healed. A virus is a virus, and it can never travel independently without the help of its host. In other words, the spread of the virus could have been handled easily if people are mindful enough of their actions.

Our current situation should not remind us of humanity’s failures, but rather it calls up the lessons of our misdeeds and straighten things out as soon as we can. Because lives, like strings connected, will never be cut out even beyond this life. We falsely believe how the consequences of our actions can be done alone, but in fact, some of your loved ones might face the aftermaths too. Another instance is a father who is passing out his anger to his wife, releasing anger to the kids, and experiencing anger management issues throughout childhood until growing up. It is always our home that builds up who we are; therefore, every good deed and conduct must start there. Being cautious of the way we behave towards others is significant because our actions always hold the power to change someone’s life.

AliceNash, the author of The Sound of Ripples, clearly conveys how meaningful our actions are reflected in the direction of our path, even you are completely unwitting at the time. The book tells about Hainan, where it is allowed to meet fascinating opportunities and eventually magnetize young and aspirant graduates to fulfill their dreams, including Samantha Liao, whose life with the unpredictability twisting the story breathtakingly. Contrary to what we have tackled, the novel speaks powerfully of how the series of events are being made through coincidences. Samantha is someone who based her judgment on intuition rather than meticulous strategy, in a highly challenging working environment, she instinctively reacts to whatever life has thrown in her, often finds herself being forced into the corner by the circumstances, reaching the limits of her resources. By the strange twist of fate, she gets out of the deep predicament unscathed. The stories’ events are genuinely relatable to every reader as it tackles how life, no matter how planned or unplanned, can still bring surprises that will genuinely change the direction of your path. To wrap it up, our actions are our decisions, and whatever we choose along the way, right or wrong, it can still affect the people around us. The book is a must-read book, it makes you realize how touched an invincible will to survive can be, and how sacred and inviolable the power of innocence is. The feminine touch is evident throughout the book.

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