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Onto A Better Place

Life could be a real challenge to everyone at this age. As time continuously passes, the things around the world just keep on getting more complicated, and there is this constant feeling of uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness under everyone's skin. There could be times when people could be asking, do hope still exist in the world's darkest days and places?

People are often struggling with life's disputes. Some could even be at the edge of giving up already. A life filled with challenges and unfortunate events is probably one of the worst places for dreams and hope to flourish. However, despite this fact, it is also irrevocable that it remains our choice to build our own resilience and fight against these currents to go to places where we aim ourselves to be.

David Castells Angelet's La Sagrada Familia will teach you so much about the undying hope of five street children despite their harsh situation. The book entails the endless dreams and brave young souls of the street children as they face their everyday lives on Manila's macro city streets and seek their ways for a better tomorrow. The author expressed that this book reflects the hopes he has for the world in the future—a world where everyone prospers equally and helps to build each other, especially those in need.

La Sagrada Familia will teach you to become more hopeful, although the challenges and trials life has been throwing at you. It shows that hope still exists even in the world's darkest places, which sometimes appear to be the dark and cramped streets in the cities. It is a reminder to each of us that we hold our future in our hands and that no matter where we are or what kind of problem we are facing, we will soon get to a better place if we keep moving forward.

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