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Out of This World Creativity

It takes a man with out-of-this-world ideas to create a story worth reading.

When asked why he chose to write about Science Fiction, the author then revealed that writing stories with supernatural adventures give him the freedom to write anything without contradiction. He also wants to promote interest in science and space through fiction and give children a sense of fun.

As a child, Peter Locke already has a vivid imagination about the things around him and even those not seen by the naked eye. Knowing how books can pique one’s imagination, especially children, he created his masterpiece called Mikkee the Martian. It is a series of stories following the life of Mikkee.

The second book of the series, called Mikkee the Martian: The Tiger and the Fair, is filled with so much fun and learnings. Mikkee and his friends’ adventure became more interesting this time when a dangerous tiger escapes from the circus, and Mikkee has to make a high-level rescue.

The characters in all of Locke’s stories are highly morale; they always overcome adversity, defeat evil, and generally save the day, showing children that there are no problems or struggles that they cannot overcome.

He also believes that when we read a good book, we can see the characters in our mind’s eye, each of us differently – making our imagination better. It makes us believe in the impossible, thinking that the stories we create in our minds can somehow relate to our reality.

Isn’t it great to know that there are authors who want to stimulate children’s imagination in the most creative yet wholesome way? Peter Locke truly knows the way not only to his reader’s heart but also to their mind. Having such a kind of creativity, Peter Locke can create a lot more stories that will help shape the mind of the next generation.

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