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Overriding Simplicity with Katherine Betham

People love simplicity. It’s no wonder why there’s a sudden surge of minimalistic movements and utilitarian styles hovering around for the past decade. To be functional is to create beauty, and this can only be highlighted when the surrounding canvas is daubed with simplicity.

Through this lens, we forget that life itself can never just be a blank slate.

If anything, it’s a never-ending slate of complexity. Author Katherine Betham is all too familiar with this scenario.

Katherine Betham is the author of “The Order of Controversy,” the second book in her “Poetry Classique” collection. Betham’s literary work follows a Samoan NZ rapper, and she is a photographic/literary artist as they cross boundaries of friendship, technology, and art to discover the deep-seated feelings they have for each other. The author defines their story as controversial as it has a soul-deep connection with the world and how the story follows a creative order.

All of Katherine Betham’s books are infused with themes of spirituality, religion, art, poetry, and spoken word. “The Order of Controversy” does not stray away from her imaginative line of thought. This stems from Betham’s homage to her roots as a Black Community member on Social Media.

Despite living with threats of danger from moving from her hometown Porirua to Auckland, New Zealand, she strives to be the best single mom to her children. She is an active member of community arts, as a productive ally, the poetry and spoken word/hip-hop communities. She was a volunteer rugby coach when her eldest son was seven, an academic ghostwriter, tax agent, accounts & book-keeping consultant, sports massage therapist, and art project coordinator for troubled youth. She has encouraged young people to use graffiti, murals, hip-hop, and R&B music as the best outlets for their emotions. She has also created, designed arts programs and workshops for them accordingly. She has achieved an extensive Arts Portfolio with the main subject - the “elements of hip hop” for over a decade and become a Literary Artist in her own right while creating stories to introduce to her readers like you and me.

A contemporary of Maya Angelou (poet and essayist), Tupac Shakur (hip-hop legend), and Jack Cranfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul), author Katherine Betham continues to write stories that reflect the realities of the Black Community with unyielding kindness and empathy. Betham shows that life is not about simplicity but how complex we can grow as we take it every day. It’s not about fitting in socially acceptable boxes but producing more boxes for diverse and vibrant people. It will always be about you and your contribution to the world.

As a treat for her audience, Katherine Betham confirms the third book in the “Poetry Classique” entitled “The Order of Redemption” – through the eyes of Veve Schuster will be released later this year.

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