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Passions and Pleasures: The Erotica You Need to Satisfy Your Fantasies

Passions and Pleasures is an erotic anthology composed of 12 short but sweet stories. Written by poet and erotica writer Katie Santee, this book is the perfect companion for those lonely nights while curled up in bed. It follows the equally good read; You Were Mine For A Time.

Each story in Passions and Pleasures has its own form and captivates the readers with its point blank but sensual details. From the text messaging scenario in A New Kind of Love to the titillating scenarios in My Heart’s Desire, this book has all the elements of erotic writing that any casual reader could ask for.

One particular standout was the second story titled Climactic Flight, which was told from a first-person perspective. It was full of playful elements and exciting details, which ended into a surprising yet arousing twist. This story also stood out as it incorporated elements that are otherwise regarded as taboo. On top of these, Climactic Flight stayed true to its title with the profoundly sensual and highly arousing lovemaking between its main characters. Another standout was Hot Stuff, which was both teasing and playful. It was a nice short read right before taking a shower, for example.

Readers of Passions and Pleasures will find some stories filled with casual and careless sex escapades and others with subtle sex clues enclosed in alluring dialogues. This book is undoubtedly perfect for anyone who wants to have a nice and pleasurable time without interruptions. Each story was written as if to satisfy every reader’s thirst for some much-needed physical caress and arousal. The book is also an excellent way to satisfy your fantasies, even without a partner. It is more than enough to make up for the arousing sensations that a partner could give you.

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