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No one can ever say that they've never encountered any poverty-stricken street child throughout their lifetime. In a sense, these children could reflect you, dealing with the world's harsh and challenging reality and struggling to live in everyday life for survival.

In society's day to day activities, no matter the weather condition is, they are always there on the harsh roads and sidewalks with their stomachs growling in hunger, eyes filled in despair, and hearts void out of hopelessness, or so we thought.

David Castells Angelet's book entitled La Sagrada Familia tackles a family of five street children whose faith in God and the sick society was challenged at a very young age. David was born on May 29, 1973, in Barcelona, Spain. He lived most of his childhood with a warm family despite having a few unseemly experiences outside of his home. David finished industrial engineering at the University of Tarrasa and entered his first engineering job at 26. However, due to immense pressure and multiple triggers, David was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and is now living with his parents. He is currently pursuing writing for a better world he wishes to have shortly.

La Sagrada Familia entails a life story of five street children who've been challenged by life and fate all at once and have found comfort, love, and affection in each other's arms despite the difficult situation in the macro city of Manila. This book describes how difficult it is for the children living on the streets to survive in every waking chance they get and reminds everyone how simple acts of kindness could allow hope and dreams to sit into their poor and exhausted young souls. It also tackles how important it is for them to have a family and support system to keep them going despite the world's harsh reality. It speaks so much volume about the intense dreams of a struggling child that wishes to emerge from the ground up and teaches people how the most beautiful and precious things could lie in the most unexpected places inside the most unexpected people.

This book written by David Castells Angelet ought to show the world that in every child, no matter where they live and what their status is, lies a dream that is waiting to be realized. Every adult's responsibility is to realize it fully and put them to places where they wish to be.

As for those people who found themselves struggling in life and is on the verge of giving up, this book could be an inspiration for you to keep the resilience in your heart kindling in flames. A reminder that even at the slums of the city, in the heart and eyes of children who have known naught but difficulty their entire lives, the hope, and faith remains to be alive. Allow this to be your fuel to keep on pushing forward against whatever hurdle that will pass by you.

Kindness and humility without discrimination are probably the best words to describe this book. It is a materialized reminder that every child lies a milestone and a silver lining of a better future.

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