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Perceiving is Achieving: Todos Frente Al Espejo, An Autobiography of Life

Life can be different for all of us. While some may be full of life and happiness, some can be bleak and dull, and most if not all can be full of unexpected circumstances that can change the way we are. These circumstances might make us or it might break us, but the decisions we make will determine our way of life, and this is what Nelly Orona shows us through her compelling autobiography, Todos Frente Al Espejo: Camino de Perseverancia y Logros En El Tiempo (All in Front of the Mirror: A Path of Perseverance and Achievement over Time).

Released in 2012, Todos Frente Al Espejo is a wonderful story of the life of author Nelly Orona. Born in San José, Costa Rica. She married a history professor named Robert Orona, who was born on the other side of the world, in Pico Rivera, California, in the United States, where they have lived together for 45 years. She studied Child Psycho-Pedagogy and obtained a BA. Her persuasion got her in at California State University in Los Angeles, where she studied Journalism, and where he works have been published in various newspapers and magazines in California and New York. Afterward, she was also able to publish two books: Dos de Cocina:" Florilegios de mi Cocina," "Rellenitos del Milenio 2000", which is written in English and Spanish. She was also able to publish three storybooks for children: Tres Cuentos de la Tia Nena”, “El Tio Chupacabras”, and “Los Pingüinos en la Casita Encantada,” written in English and Spanish as Lady Orona adores children.

She has also served as Chancellor of the Consulate of Costa Rica in Los Angeles, California. God has made it her calling to serve her community where she belongs to various educational, cultural, and professional organizations where she is able to contribute more to the people. Her life is full of surprises, and God has truly made it her calling to be the light of the people. The autobiography is one with testimonies of where God has worked incredibly in her life.

The simple narrative speaks of love and life, where she teaches the readers to immerse themselves and learn from her experiences as a woman in the world who has taken up space in places that she knows she belongs into. It is an empowering take on life, and readers can take a thing or two from Nelly's lived experiences. What's more, is that the book shows not only the good side of life but also the circumstances and challenges that one may face during their lifetime.

Everyone has a story to tell, and Nelly Orona's story is one with unique, beautiful, and relatable experiences where everyone can see the perspective of a woman whose perseverance has brought her success and which she now uses to contribute to the people around her. Orona's book is a reminder that life is not easy, but it is workable, and with the right mindset, we may achieve our goals in life in the near future.

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