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Perceptions of Self: Influences That Lowers Your Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

Have you ever felt unworthy enough of something? Or have you ever been unconfident toward yourself? These are the usual questions I have for myself. Well, I'm sure every one of us does have these questions at some point. But what exactly causes us to feel these emotions and makes us ask ourselves the question: Am I ever enough for something? Awful as it sounds, but a lot of outside factors could affect our self-perception. Let's all dive into it.

In her book "There Once Was a Girl," Josie Townsend discusses how self-perception affects your well-being and how it may result in frustration and emotional pain. The feeling of not being good enough will have allowed the outside influences to dominate and control you. Let us all look into each of the influences and how it may affect your life.

Humanities self-worth issues can be broken down into three primary categories:

1. Are you a victim or a master of your life?

When you feel that you are a victim, you need that energy. Your victim energy is feeding off others that will serve you in some way. That energy aspect will keep haunting you until you address and release its stuck wounds. You keep yourself imprisoned, and you attract events into your life on what you dwell upon. Nothing and nobody can influence you unless you allow it and by letting people treat you that way.

2. Do you measure up or fall short of others' demands?

One of the most significant scenarios to lowering your worth is allowing others to belittle you and control you. To avoid intimidation, you feel the need to measure up to their standards or so you can compete against others. Because the human instinct has a desire to love, be loved, and belong, all outside conditions, agendas, judgments, and controls place many burdens upon your shoulders. Therefore, you go out of your way to appease others just to keep the peace. You feel obligated to satisfy their desires, so they talk well about you, and you compromise your truth for them to accept you.

3. How do you perceive your flaws, your demons?

You are made up of many facets and aspects of yourself. These components are the roller-coaster of your ups and downs, your devilish beliefs, your daydreams or nightmares, etc. - are all aspects of 'you'. You are every one of these aspects, they are the truths of your past, and it is your creation that is still haunting you from these unworthy experiences.

These three categories affect our self-perception. Let us not dwell on it and just be positive. Start evaluating yourself. This is a good way to develop a positive self-perception. And having a positive self-perception is the foundation for building self-confidence that will last and withstand any setbacks you may encounter in your life.

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