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Peter Locke's Mikkee The Martian Is Changing The Way Children And Young At Heart Appreciate Thrillin

The quest for learning the unknown, such as whether there is life on other planets, aliens, and more, always fascinates individuals. At times, this interest in outer space knowledge, particularly Mars and the Martians, turns into an obsession.

This search for other realms reflects upon the human being's fascination for dimensions that they can utilize to escape from the real world. Why would they want to escape from reality? It could be because people are tired of encountering seemingly unending turmoil and problems in their lives. Otherwise, this interest in learning about outer space and alien life can simply be a hobby, just like how people are interested in fashion and style, beauty and makeup, or sports.

The discussion about Mars, its citizens' Earthlings have been referred to as Martians, and their lives started when people first convinced themselves that Mars is the mirror planet to Earth. Despite ongoing studies and discoveries, there has been no substantial evidence and proof there is life on Mars. The dream of turning the notions that there is life on other planets is now just translated to literature, such as Peter Locke's masterpiece.

Author Peter Locke's Mikkee The Martian series introduces children to Mikkee, a Martian who lands on Earth to interact with humans and take part in adventures, similar to how their favorite characters from popular books and media would. Suppose you are a fan of C. S. Lewis' The Chronicles Of Narnia or Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events that tackle various main characters' adventures. In that case, you will also love Mikkee The Martian from Peter Locke.

Peter Locke's book humanizes the Martian, giving him the characteristics and the habits that human beings can relate to. Mikkee The Martian consists of seven books. Each book presents Mikkee as he takes part on adventures to solve crimes, rescue tigers, interact with ghosts, and even combat the coronavirus, among many others. You can see the summary of each book on Mikkee The Martian's website. It is an action-filled story for children and young at heart, with story conflicts that will give the thrill. With the character encountering the coronavirus pandemic, Peter Locke has triumphed in introducing current news's relevance to his work. If you are a parent who wants to change your children's perspectives on what a great story is, let them read Peter Locke's Mikkee The Martian.

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