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Picture Book Teaches Children Not to Fear the Dark

In the charmingly illustrated pages of "Winkiedough Twinkletoe: Upon the Window Ledge," author W.J. Buxton teaches her young readers a very important lesson: that the dark is not something to be feared and that the night can bring it magical and wonderful things. She introduces kids to a wonderful new friend who dwells in the dark, dispelling fears and piquing their curiosity and interest for the wider world around them.

Buxton enjoys telling her grandchildren short stories during bedtime. This led Buxton to create her own storybook that follows Winkiedough Twinkletoe, the titular anthropomorphic star who visits young children to make them feel safe in the dark. This is a whimsical, comforting little book with beautiful illustrations, perfect for a bedtime story for children. It is particularly suited to little ones who are afraid of the night.

They will see how young Owen shares their fears and anxieties. After his mother kisses him goodnight, she leaves the window open so he can pick out a star to watch over him and give his room a little bit of light. Her prediction takes a new meaning when one of the celestial bodies visits Owen and befriends him while lighting up his room with rays of starlight. They become fast friends, but of course, Winkiedough Twinkletoe cannot stay until morning, so they part ways, but Owen is reassured that the star will always be with him during nighttime. And he overcomes his fear of the dark.

With Buxton's charming tale, young readers will learn that bedtime is something to look forward to and that after parents or grandparents tell them stories and shut the lights, there's nothing to be afraid of because their surroundings are safe whether the lights are on or off. Plus, the natural world around them remains wonderful even at night, when the sun is down, and the lights are out. In fact, there are wonderful sights around them, such as the stars in the heavens, which they can glimpse from their windows or with a telescope set.

According to BlueInk Reviews: "This bright, boldly illustrated picture book is the perfect goodnight treat for a preschooler who is afraid of the dark."

About the Author

W.J. Buxton lives in the sunny Okanagan of British Columbia. She enjoys watching her grandchildren become immersed in the magical fantasy found in books. She loves reading bedtime stories to her grandchildren.

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