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Pocket-Sized Poetry Collection Meditating on God's Work

Most treatises on faith and God's word come in hefty books replete with comprehensive passages, and the Bible itself is a rather sizeable work, so for those on the move, author Noah Ndhlovu has provided them with a light yet spiritually reinvigorating reading experience with his collection of poetry. "Psalms of Noah" contains Noah's rhymes and verses that convey his ruminations on God's grace, the Christian faith, his prayers, and devotions that readers can quickly peruse as they go about their days.

Noah knows the importance of connecting people and motivating them to reach their goals and improve their lives. At the same time, he appreciates how busy the everyday grind can be. So, with "Psalms of Noah," he provides readers with a convenient and easily digestible experience, where religious lessons are not conveyed through voluminous and academic text, but rather through compelling lyricism that speak directly to the heart and soul.

Noah has served in leadership roles for the Zambian diaspora community of Indiana and across the United States. He was the first chairperson for the Zambian Association’s Network of the United States (ZANUS) and served as president of the Zambian Association of Indiana (ZAIN) for 4 years. He believes in servant leadership and empowering others thus, he resigned from his roles to allow others to serve the community. Noah is driven to be a positive agent of change in the world, especially in times when no one else rises to the occasion. His prose and poetry are another way he can be a Good Samaritan, brightening people's days and helping them cultivate their spirituality.

Noah emphasizes the importance of meditating on God's word and confessing it with action, combining faith and good works to produce positive results in one's life, which will, in turn, contribute to the wider society. He believes that even seemingly impossible goals can be achieved and seemingly insurmountable challenges overcome if one simply taps into what he calls God's frequency, a network that can be accessed through prayer and daily devotions. These poems can help readers do that, as he has designed them to deliver inspiration and encouragement to the faithful and aid them on their life journeys, on pathways replete with countless obstacles every day.

These rhymes and verses serve as spiritual sustenance in particularly trying times, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic that has plunged entire societies into survival mode, from first world nations to third world ones. Noah aims to instill strength in his readers by reminding them that even when they are faced with adversities that seem too large for one to handle, they can always turn to prayer and remember that they are not alone even in their most desperate moments.

"As you wander in the maze of life, be encouraged knowing that you are not alone. Help is a prayer away if you have faith and belief." Noah encourages. Readers can check him out on his sites and social media pages at:

About the Author

Noah Ndhlovu is dedicated to empowering others, and his advocacies have ranged from the field of public health to individual consulting to philosophical pursuits to philanthropic ones. He also hosts the Prime Time Show podcast on Primier Media, which airs every Wednesday at 9:00 pm/est. Listeners can dial 516-387-1829 to listen each week.

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