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Pondering Polygamy and Healthy Relationships from a Christian Perspective

Ruth Aj Havbird holds that before one takes a significant step in life, including deciding how to pursue one's relationships, the voice of God will come to help one make the right decision. This includes whether to engage in polygamy or not. In "Captive of the Vulnerable & Weak: Polygamy and Its Relevance," Havbird cites Scripture to outline how relationships can go wrong - polygamy and monogamy alike.

"Whether it is polygamy or a monogamous relationship you are in, these relationships are only good, when done within your free will!" Havbird says. She contends that one's vulnerability and weakness can lead to unwellness, from physical illnesses to imbalances in one's sexual urges. She warns of falling captive to promiscuity and how carelessness can increase the risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Most of all, she warns of how both in polygamous and monogamous relationships, one's vulnerability can be exploited, leading one to become caught in unwanted relationships with exploitative or otherwise harmful partners. This is why Havbird urges readers to find the right partner instead of going into a relationship that is not driven by mutual love but merely lust. She also warns of the dangers of getting drinks spiked with a sexual stimulant, such as an aphrodisiac, when one isn't careful.

Something seemingly harmless as a sexual stimulant can be damaging if given in an abusive manner, also secretly. If care is not taken, it can lead to promiscuity." Havbird cautions. Her guidebook details how one can surpass one's vulnerabilities by seeking God, for people in authority or with ill intent can capitalize on the weaknesses of individuals to take advantage of them. This can go beyond romantic and sexual relationships as well. So by gaining strength through one's faith in the Lord, one can bolster one's free will and safeguard one's self from being trapped in unhealthy relationships with exploitative partners.

"Watch out for anyone capitalizing on your vulnerability, as they could be trying to help you, or they could be trying to make you upset or a reject in society. What I mean is, that any spirit leading you to condemnation or that reviles you, meaning, scornfully criticizes you, is not of God, but the one that admonishes, reproves, corrects in love, is of God." Havbird says. As the Scripture says, God is love, so this forms the basis for determining whether potential partners offer healthy love or have ulterior motives.

"Furthermore, something seemingly harmless as a sexual stimulant can be damaging, if given in an abusive manner, also secretly. My book is about secrets, lies, love, hate; and the negative effects this can have on an individual. Further highlights on Vulnerability, plus how if God wanted a vulnerable person to do something i.e., polygamy he would tell the individual, directly, or through a man or woman of God. No one needs a vulnerability to if you like, make you to be a captive in either a monogamous nor especially in a polygamous, relationship, if you don't truly fancy that man / individual. If you cannot find a man you fancy and are in love with, as well that will support you, then why do you need sex for, when Mr. Right is not yet there. Why not be holy even as God is Holy!" Havbird says.

Additionally, self-love, in overcoming one's weakness and mastering one's vulnerability, is crucial to prevent oneself from falling for bad relationships. And developing a healthy relationship with God and an understanding of love, including loving one's self, is essential to this. As Havbird says: "If God really wants you to do polygamy, he would tell you. So you don't need a vulnerability, to indicate that you need to do polygamy! "

"In addition, my book is a non-fiction, for adults as well, teenagers. To mainly, inform people about a lying perverse world, in the midst of a Loving, sovereign God. To be cautious about sexual stimulants and the effects of them, leading to sexual captivity if you like and having ties with people you may not want ties with, indirectly anything that is against your will is a captivity." Havbird explains. She points out how sexual stimulant substances could become a tool to spike and lead an individual to promiscuity if given secretly, but she says that God sees all of this.

"Engagements with sex companies could be fatal or OK in the long run, the prostitution industry could be ok, if the service offered is required, it provokes a question, is the prostitution industry necessary, also, if so or just opened for fun bases, then it is people's choice to engage with them. However, for stringent laws to be written to protect sex workers." Havbird contemplates. A quote from "Captive of the Vulnerable & Weak: Polygamy and Its Relevance" reads as follows:

"The summary of this Book:- Is that you should be in control of your sex drive until a Mr right comes along; and not it controlling you. If you are not in control of your sex drive, it could be that a sexual stimulant, Viagra, or Aphrodisiac is in action/ play.

This is the difference between unnatural affection and natural affection when two people who are in love with each other touch and come together. Also, if you are not in control of your sex drive, then this can be a form of captivity if you don't pray for God to help you be in control of it. God is Holy.

Also, your vulnerability can make you a captive of terminal illness, promiscuity, and the likes of these if care is not taken. God is holy. The luring of Sexual stimulants from those in authority; and lies can destroy you and could lead to death without a gun in their hand.

Also, if a married man wants to secretly trap you in a polygamous relationship with him without your consent, this should be illegal. Plus, he doesn't need to divorce his wife. Plus, if he wants to do you a favor to help to control your sex drive until you pray hard, then God delivers you from the lack of control of your sex drive, then that is what he should say.

But I am doubting this as no woman will let her boyfriend or, in the other case, let her husband have another girlfriend unless she is kind. Or unless it is your, let's say, cousin's man or husband.

If your cousin's man or husband is to help you with your sex drive until Mr right comes along, he shouldn't be trapping you in that relationship to get you pregnant, if he does, then he is bad also. Then maybe you are better off with sex toys then.

I don't know, but some sex drives could be natural or, in the worst-case scenario, could be the influence of a sexual stimulant.

If the devil has tactics, then we ought to have one too. Instead of gallivanting from one man to another man. Why not sleep with your, let's say, cousin's man or husband. If you cannot control your sex drive until you pray hard and God helps you to be in control of it. [Be sober, be vigilant for the devil you adversary seeketh whom to devour]. Promiscuity could lead to sexually transmitted disease STD. So be careful.

I reiterate that if your cousin's man or husband is to help you with your sex drive until Mr right comes along, he shouldn't be trapping you in that relationship to get you pregnant, if he does, then he is terrible also. Then maybe you are better off with sex toys then.

Avoid Escorting as someone there could try to force you to do Anus sex or even request it, walk off the setting if that is the case.

This book is also about how to prevent and get over an unfruitful relationship, where the man has treated you badly or has just hurt your feelings. The thing to remember is that the word of God says in KJV Pro 9:17, "Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant."

Basically, a man that cheats on you might receive the judgment of God, so don't worry yourself trying to get revenge."

About the Author

Ruth Aj Havbird is of Nigerian ethnic background and is a British citizen with a beautiful daughter named Grace. Havbird is presently 39 years old and is a devoted Christian who has written three non-fiction, spiritual and informative books. With her works, she aims to share the lessons she has learned from God to help other faithful believers find their way and learn the importance of salvation.

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