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Powerful Writer with a Powerful Weapon

There is something magical about words that allow them to travel and go through the readers' minds and hearts in the most peculiar way. Every line carries a slew of messages for everyone who comes across it. That is why writing is such a strong weapon that we must master in order to enlighten effectively and influence others.

In this world consisting of millions of people, this powerful weapon came with a powerful writer named Cynthia Harry. Author Cynthia Harry is a writer who focuses on human existence and having faith in God. She also discusses her personal issues and tackles solution on how she overcame them— through God. Her books emphasize the importance of Jesus in our lives, both in good and sad times and how we can always turn to Him for salvation. Furthermore, the books she produced are intended to help us build our faith and develop a close relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Her words and ideas reached a larger number of people once she founded the Live to the Max company in 1994. Her company has always had the same goal and vision as she does: to discuss people's problems and how faith and being with God can help them solve them.

As the entire world confronted one of the most dangerous crises in history, everyone was badly impacted, whether in terms of lost livelihoods, lives that came to an end, or the way of living that has been changed. On the other hand, Cynthia Harry did not let this stop her from sharing the messages that her heart was trying to tell her. Instead, she used this powerful tool to spread light and encourage others never to give up. She wrote a book called "As the Spirit Leads -Jesus' Power" that inspired others, particularly during these difficult times. The book is easier to understand because her own experiences and challenges inspired it during the pandemic. The book contains how her faith in God helped her overcome her hurdles and be free again from those after she got depressed and reliant on alcohol.

She was also the one who published these spiritual books titled: "The Struggle to be Me," "Let's be Real," "Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone," and "Figment of Imagination."

The books she published may not be the most popular, but little did everyone know how these books have influenced and can impact a lot of people to keep ongoing. And if there is one certain thing, it is that she hopes for everyone to conquer their obstacles as well, as she continues to pour in what her heart shouts in every corner of her books.

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