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Prophetic Scroll Embroils Historian in an Apocalyptic Conflict

Author John D. Christopher's novel follows a seemingly ordinary historian who has secured a teaching position at the prestigious Scuola Garibaldi in Rome. Dr. Peter Northcott's life looks like it is on the upswing. His career seems stable, his academic pursuit has finally paid off, he has landed a secure job, and the horrific dreams that haunted him since childhood, along with strange abilities to sway others, seem to have subsided, until he finds an ancient scroll detailing the secrets of the "Astrum Divinus," which turns his life upside down and lands him in the middle of a secret conflict that will determine the fate of the world.

A fateful meeting with a mysterious priest in a medieval-era monastery out of Rome drives Peter to investigate fantastic tales that he naturally regards with skepticism. Father Renauld says that Peter is destined for great things, telling him tales of secret societies and ancient texts, as well as shadowy foes who threaten not only Peter but all of creation. This encounter also rekindles the horrific dreams he had in his youth.

Peter decided to investigate further and embarked on an expedition to the caverns beneath the Pyrenees Mountains to retrieve an ancient scroll and find the titular Astrum Divinus. It tells of a mystical warrior fated to destroy the enemies of heaven, descended from a bloodline protected by a secretive sect throughout the centuries. Peter's training as a historian compelled him to investigate this unbelievable find and verify the incredible claims of the priest. His findings risk upending modern knowledge of medieval history and reveal to Peter the imminent clash between the forces of good and evil preceding the events of Armageddon. This conflict puts Peter's life at risk and endangers the entire world.

Christopher blends real enigmatic people and events of the ancient and medieval world with fantastic and supernatural elements with his narrative. He weaves an intricate tapestry based on well-researched historical facts and an imaginative vision to provide readers with tons of action and excitement in the vein of Dan Brown's works.

About the Author

John D. Christopher is 63 years old, married with two adult sons. He is a retired police officer and teacher currently residing in Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. The son of Italian immigrants who arrived in Australia in 1950, he grew up speaking Italian as well as English. He attended the University of Newcastle and studied history, achieving a Diploma of Education and working there as a substitute teacher for several years.

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