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Rainbow: A Symbol of Freedom and Salvation

For forty days, God drowned a city through continuous heavy rains where most people died, only Noah’s family survived. However, a rainbow was seen in the sky after a frightful event, which symbolizes salvation and a promise to God that He will never do it again. Nowadays, the LGBTQ community uses the rainbow as a symbol of their identity and is free for who they are. At the same time, the older generation could not comprehend and fully accept them because, according to the Bible, it is immoral to have an affair with the same-sex.

For that reason, will God drown the world again through the rain of wrath and let us all die from the sins we have done? The truth about sins is we are in no position to tell whether someone will go to hell or not because we have committed the worst deeds at some point in our lives. Like a rainbow, we are all different in hues and character. Therefore, we live a life of difference. And because of that, there is no allowing us to dictate what the future holds to others. 

However, when people seem afraid to reveal their true colors in a dull world, they find something which will allow them to express who they are. Julian Blackauthor of so many books that focuses on love and LGBTQ, will undoubtedly offer wisdom to everyone’s minds, particularly in the LGBTQ community. His stories are fascinating, indeed, and it mostly talks about passionate love and sex urges, which he ironically never experienced in real life. 

Nevertheless, through writing, he was able to express the colors of his rainbow through words. Like others who are frightened to reveal their sexuality, Julian Black is going through the same situation. He is keeping it secret for the sake of his family. However, sure enough, being a closeted homosexual is still astronomical even in the year 2020; and what makes the situation more doleful is that society no longer aims to discriminate against sexuality, colors, and races since we are becoming the generation of openness. Instead, all the things that we feel that make our secrets unrevealed always come from those people closest to us. 

However, his books are full of fascinating stories, certainly relatable for LGBTQ members. In addition to that, his books carry hope and salvation, too, like a rainbow. His books are a great reminder that in this world full of wicked people, there is someone out there who experienced what you went through, going through, or will go through. Always remember that sharing the same burden will make it less bulky. To know more about his books, kindly visit and get lost with his heartfelt novels. 

Often, we think that the rainbow is only a color of flag that symbolizes the whole LGBTQ community. Still, it is not the rainbow that gives significance to the LGBTQ members. It is the people within that community that symbolize the flag. Like Julian Black, his book will always be an inspiration to LGBTQ members. 

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