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Reaching Out to the Core of Your Womanhood

Why do people seem uneasy every time they hear a woman voicing her decision about not wanting kids her whole life? Once, a pope said to people that deciding not to procreate is indeed a selfish choice. But was it? Does not wanting kids lessen the essence of your womanhood? This, I believe, that women who cannot, and do not want to have a kid in their life, is still a woman. In other words, nothing can take the essence of her womanhood.

Also, does muscles make a woman a man? Does having huge muscles around her body lose her femininity? Or is it wrong that she is just expressing herself through her body? It is sharply disgusting that our society is so shallow with judgments, and everyone tends to look at everyone’s body as a definition of people’s identity. Remember that there is something more critical beneath our physical appearances.

In addition to that, women are often cat-called and receive inappropriate messages every time they express their sexuality. Incomprehensible, indeed, that women are treated still in the worst way with other genders they deem dominant. However, it must be stopped right away. The fight against these men who continue to see a woman as something that will suffice their pleasure and to women who also bring other women down will never end if these people will continue to have pleasure in insulting and shaming women.

You Were Mine for a Time, is a powerful book about women and how they should be confident in expressing who they are, especially their sexuality. Katie Santee wrote the book, and it contains four stories that will surely knock awareness to every woman out there about embracing their full power as a woman. The book serves as encouraging words for people who have lost their self-strength in expressing who they are.

Indeed, creating a sense of freedom within us in terms and being entirely brave in revealing who we are to the world will lead us to a life of bliss. As a woman, you are capable of so many things. Do not limit yourself just because people are saying - it is not a woman’s job. Always have the desire to break from any gender stereotypes and prove to everyone that none can decide who and what you are supposed to be. Because no matter how you look and what you are, you are still a woman of substance and power.

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