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Rekindle the Flame of an Old Romance by Indulging to an Erotica Fiction

If the once hot and sparkling romance turned into just a lukewarm love, then having some indulgence in erotica fiction can help you here.

Falling in love for the first time with your partner brings so much excitement and passion. According to Kelli Miller, a relationship expert, the first thing to realize about being in a long-term relationship is that it waxes and wanes through time. Our challenge now is how to "stay in love" after falling in love. It is normal for most couples to feel love seems to fade away. One best way to bring back that sparkling romance you had together is revisiting places where the butterflies started. However, traveling to places you want to visit can be difficult and takes a long process at this time. So, why not try reading short stories of erotica fiction? It's a perfect activity while you are homebound together. Better do it while sipping your hot tea together. One I can recommend is Katie Santee's Passions and Pleasures.

Known as a reputable master of erotica stories, her books can take you back the heat of your love as you please. It will trigger the wilderness of your romantic desires and set fire to rekindle that flame again. This compilation of erotic short stories explores the depth of romance, love, lust, pleasure, and bursting passion. You got 12 stories bringing you such indulgence of the sexual tempo and chemistry memories you got together. How can you resist that?

"Whatever your fantasy is, I'm sure you will find something to your liking in this hot, sexy, erotic short story book," Katie Santee.

Reading erotica can only elevate the sexual tension of you two as a long-time couple. There is still a need for more effort to actually bring back the heat of an old flame. Relationship experts highly suggest more creativity in your sex life if your routine does not feel like working already. From getting a reference in erotic fiction, you can create a role-playing act in the bedroom or everywhere you want. Make everything feel like the first time again by reading Passion and Pleasures!

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