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Restoration of Love for Ancient Arts with Carla De Petris

Art innovation in our era signifies intelligence and creativity, which doubtlessly brings a fragrant image for the 21st-century generation. We all know that by a simple trend in social media, every user will go hungry in tracking down information about it since no one wants to get left behind. This is quite a positive and negative outcome of being inside the world of social media; it brings awareness, yet it also fetches the unwanted exchange of degrading opinions. How? There are art innovations that bring shame to ancient arts or entirely contradict the essence of art's reference. In addition to that, arts these days no longer hold profound meaning, which is essential in building an art. While we all think that art is all about colors and shapes well, that is wrong. Carla De Petris proves in her blogs that despite the growing names of new artists in our days, ancient arts are still one of a kind—specifically, Raffaello's creations.

Carla De Petris unfailingly brings great affection and admiration towards Raffaello and his artworks. She also published a book about him titled "Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello." The novel is filled with insightful thoughts about Raffaello. It also explores the depth of art-being. On top of that, she never gets tired of promoting Raffaello's great story behind every portrait. Regardless of the new art trends that continuously consume the world and its people, Carla De Petris is still unbeatable in keeping the core of arts, especially the ancient ones. She has her own way of telling everyone that arts are not all about aesthetic views and bright colors but also about profound purpose and meaning.

Indeed, looking in-depth at the art will bring visual aspects in this world and a deeper cause. We should keep ourselves up showing our admiration for arts, even if they are no longer the trend. We must encourage our young people to stop liking things simply because everyone loves it. Instead, we should educate them to love what's best and beneficial because little essential phonies in life are what actually makes our lives whole. In addition to that, it could also be a huge step to change the world, even for a bit. Through Carla De Petris, we will be able to grasp the extremity of art-being, especially the old ones, and how it benefits us in a way we may not see but always feel.

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