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Revitalizing Faith in Chaos

There is a blatant misunderstanding of the word "religion" at this time. When people are asked about it, most of their answers will include how religion can be the way to save us from all our sins? Is it a ticket to heaven and a comfort bubble that will shield anyone from despair? This is the exact reason why spiritual people are frowned upon by people who had little knowledge of what religion truly is. The misconceptions created from generation to generation and the confusion caused by the continuous development of different religious sectors create a narrow definition of practicing the divine and a shallow perspective for those who devote their lives to it.

There's more to spirituality than being saved. The Gospel teaches lessons about love, peace, and compassion that can transform the lives of many into positivity. Like the Gospel that tells everyone to believe in Christ, other religions encourage their believers to believe in their respective God. With this difference, the common denominator that all these religions tell is to spread peace and love upon Earth, contrasting the ultimate definition that everyone had known. Spirituality is a deep subject to talk about. Corrupted individuals rapidly increase in this era, and that is because many had forgotten the true sense of religion and spirituality. This is also due to how some practitioners have morals unaligned with the teachings of their faith. It adds fuel to the ugly perspective that people develop towards religion.

This point of view makes people forget how religion helped shape the world's history, inspiring David Castells Angelet to make a book from his imagination and learnings that he got traversing through life. Prats narrates the lives of actual people who work in the church and gives them a chance for the trials they face and the celebrations they find themselves in. In the hope for people to see the light they see in practicing their spirituality, the book becomes a symbol to rekindle the long-lost definition of religion. It offers a chance for people to gain the truth of what is seen inside the church's four corners, revealing a lot about how serfs live their lives along with the people that accompany them.

Although we don't see Him many times, God is everywhere, especially in moments of grief. There is so much need for faith for people, especially in the middle of this worldwide pandemic. No matter what religion or spirituality we practiced ourselves, God is a friend and a family for everyone who can support us in times of need and moments of happiness. To revitalize faith is to realize that the religion is not limited to its practitioners but its purpose: to inspire people to do good deeds and spread love and peace into the land we step on.

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