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Right Where You Are

Reach out to the thing closest to you. What does that say about where you are right now? Was it your phone that means your need for connectivity and security? Was it a pebble by the shore that means you are having fun right now by the sea? Was it a book that implies you were in the middle of your daily reading? Whatever it may be, it says a lot of where you are right now.

Knowing where you are and how this point of your life fits in the grand scheme of your life is among the principal aims of Rev. Emmanuel Oghene to teach and preach. Rev. Oghene has been a paper pulpit pastor and bible preacher since 1994. Also, he has been a published author since 2004. His field experience has enlightened him to the necessity of knowing where one is and where to proceed from there, as demonstrated by his book, Surviving Among Strangers. He draws inspiration from biblical characters like Abraham from migrating to Egypt for economic reasons. Moses’ migrated from Egypt to Midian for safety reasons. Jacob

was going onto Haran to escape his twin brother’s

threat. And, David and Jeroboam leaving Israel to outlive Kings Saul and Solomon, respectively.

Surviving Among Strangers shows the resilience of the human spirit and adaptability to different environmental and societal factors. The importance of where you are right now can have a long-term effect on where you will be years from now. Not just where you are relaxing or reading this article right now, but how you interact before or after you have read this. Even the most minute decisions you make can change the course of how people, events, and timing can revolve around you. There are more benefits to acknowledging your setting as detailed by the following:

Physical Security and Emotional Safety

Rev. Oghene describes this as a “personal responsibility”. Is the place where you are right now ensuring you both? Where do you aim to be by this age? Where do you see yourself next year? No matter what the answer to those questions might be, always put your well-being a priority. Don’t just blindingly go to places just because your passion takes you there. Respect yourself by knowing if you can guarantee

these two things for your own good.

Space for Growth

“If you have a two-kilometer-long vision and partner with anyone with a two-inch-long vision, you are doomed unless you part-ways before it is too late”, advised Rev. Oghene. Once you have marked, check the first point, assess if this place you are willing to stay or go to will help you grow and develop. Your skills and mindset need some polishing and if your itinerary can boost this, give yourself a favor to go.

Space for Happiness

“Security, sustainability, and cheering” are Rev. Oghene’s three tenets to happiness. Whether it be crowded or broad, noisy, or peaceful, your space must be your style of living for the pursuit of happiness. Monks attain enlightenment through peaceful meditation while J.K. Rowling wrote the world-renowned Harry Potter series in a noisy coffee shop. Just do you: find your space, reach your people, develop your potential.

Where are you? Are you happy with where you are right now? What will make you happy? Reflect on these questions, and surviving among strangers may be another obstacle you have to win over. Find a place of comfort and growth that makes you stay right where you are.

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