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Science and Divine Intervention

How often do you believe in Divine Intervention? How often do people share their spiritual journey without fear of being scrutinized? How can religion explain the scientific phenomena that people are currently experiencing and witnessing? Until how far will your faith guide you to become the instrument of the Almighty in helping His people and be a good citizen of this planet? And does being a non-believer will direct you to the great void or hell?

Find the answers and take a notch higher on your faith through this book, "The Tidings," translated by Nick Mezins.

In this engaging tale, ponder this thought-provoking book sharing the conversations between The Almighty's spirits and a group of believers. Let us delve into the Science of Religion. These written conversations will show us that Science does not oppose religion and the existence of God, like what we used to believe. Let us break the stereotype that Science and Religion are two contradictory topics that will never come together. Thus, the written conversations that took place between the group of believers and the Almighty’s and God’s spirits show so much power and a profound explanation of the planet's scientific phenomena and the universe.

It is fascinating that the creation of this work has long since started with his parents and their group of believers when the world was facing the chaos of the Second World War. Although this book talks about Religion and Supreme Being, The Tidings’ perspective about religion does not require compulsory membership, does not threaten or condemns non-believers. It does not claim to be the only correct religion to follow and emphasizes the free will of man to choose over what life he decides.

Nick Mezins and this book, The Tidings, is not just an additional book to fill your shelf – this is a book of discovery, faith, and inter-connection of Science and Religion. To emphasize, Nick Mezins considers this translation to honor his parents and their small group. His translation of these conversation materials are purely inherited from his parents.

With great optimism and belief, these book series are published to be a helping guide towards people of different Religions who seems to be lost in the cycle of their lives.

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