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Searching for the Real Truth

James Hunta is a dedicated author who maximizes his talent and skill in writing by sharing his works for a more significant cause. He was born and raised in Sydney, Australia where, after leaving school he learned the panel beating and spray painting trade. He later married in the United States of America where he became a bricklayer, and after 7 years he returned to Australia, eventually settling on the Gold Coast of Queensland with his family.

Although he makes a living with a specialized job, his creative side has always been a big part of him. While in Sydney he studied acting and appeared for different roles in movies, TV productions, and commercials. As a force of habit, he is also one of those who keep journals and jot down their notes and thoughts as a way of preserving and improving their artistic and creative side.

Our author has felt the responsibility to share the power and energy contained within the pages of the Bible in a way that makes sense to our reasoning minds but also reaches the core of our humanity. He is also mindful of respecting the message contained in other cultures, particularly in this story with regard to Islam and the Koran. Indeed, fueled with pure motivation and intention – James Hunta has come up to share his creative, inspiring, thought-provoking, and page-turner books. Two books under his name are already published, The Finished Mystery and The Finished Mystery II.

Focusing on his second book, The Finished Mystery II, revolves around Ally and Dave's teenage relationship which will be tested after Dave leaves her for two years to live overseas in-country with a completely different culture. After a short time, he suffers a mishap with his family where all are taken hostage by one of the world's feared groups – the Islamic Extremists. From here on, Ally will bring us into facing one of the world's frequently asked and conflicted topics, "Religion."

And just when you thought that fiction and the Bible can’t go together, James Hunta is here to break that delusion. Feel the adventure of Ally, a gymnast with Olympic aspirations, as she looks deeper into the details of Religion and sees how people tend to blindly follow what they are taught instead of searching out the Truth for themselves.

Although inspired by the Bible's contents, his books also aim to project the need for discernment and personal judgment in all facets of life, but especially with regard to religious propaganda. "This talks about discernment - the kind of discernment that will guide us towards what is truly right, rather than what the mainstream dictates to be right," as our author puts it. Furthermore, this book might be the key to answer that long–time question that might have been boggling your mind for quite some time now.

In the end, how do we know if we are following the right path? How do we identify what is right or wrong? And what should we do once we get hold of the Truth?

Enjoy this compelling novel from James Hunta and keep your mind open as you flip through the pages while questioning everything that you have been told and molded to believe while growing up.

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