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Secrets of the Night: The Cromwell Sisters' Story

Vampires are creatures of the night, powerful bloodthirsty creatures who lurk and wait for their next prey. Often a product of imagination but mostly a source of fear and fright. August Alexander brings their story to life and more.

Released in 2010 through Authorhouse, Dark Secrets is the continuation of the thrilling tale that follows the story of the Cromwell sisters, Elizabeth and Alyssa. The story is set in Pensacola, Florida, where the two sisters enjoy a carefree adolescent life under the sun. As Elizabeth, the older of the two sisters, prepares for her journey to go to college, set to meet new friends and experience new adventures as well as romance, fate intervenes. An unexpected attack suddenly turns the course of Elizabeth's future. She escapes the attack but becomes a monster herself. When she meets the one who altered her life, Caleb Macbeth, he turns her into a creature of the night. A vampire forces her to embark on a journey full of trials and tribulations, embracing the two worlds she lives in. But fate bears more than bad news as she finds herself in the middle of a vampire feud and successfully killing the most prominent of them all, the vampire, Vladimir. Now she has found a new family and new adversary as she comes to terms with her new life.

August Alexander's powerful yet, thrilling story might just be a product of imagination, but it is one that readers should look out for. Hailing from Mississippi, she started writing as young as 13 and has always dreamed of being a writer, writing stories that everyone can find relatable. Midnight Moon is the first book in the series, and Dark Secrets come immediately afterwards, the daunting story that garnered praises from its readers. The action-filled thriller book with supernatural elements offers a new experience as the author explores rich and in-depth themes, which will surely bring the readers to the edge of their seats. The continuation is even more charged with overwhelming emotions as they face numerous obstacles, travelling to Egypt.

The author moves away from the familiarity with which the sisters settle as they go on to solve mysteries that helps them come to terms with their past, present, and future. Alexander's narrative is simple but feels like reading a puzzle that comes together piece by piece through the build of tension, dialogue, and thrill. Truly a rollercoaster, kind of a tale that'll make you realize its uniqueness from other books in the market. Although there is romance, it doesn't dwell too much in it and instead focuses on how the Cromwell sisters go through their adventures and how they manage to prevail against their adversaries. At each turn of the page, readers will be greeted with more twists and turns, heightening their emotions as they immerse themselves deeply in the story.

This is truly not just another vampire story; it tells of life in between and the family we find along the way, as well as closure that we get from acknowledging the past.

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