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Secrets of Vampiric Lore and Ancient Mysteries Await Cromwell Sisters

Two sisters' supernatural encounters continue in August Alexander's chilling tale that reveals the "Dark Secrets" of the vampire world. It follows Elizabeth and Alyssa Cromwell, sisters who have been turned into vampires after they slay an evil pureblooded and evade attempts at reprisals.

In the previous novel, "Midnight Moon," Elizabeth's college life is brutally interrupted by a violent crime but is turned by a vampire named Caleb Macbeth. She comes to terms with unlife and the supernatural world of darkness around her while struggling to protect her sister Alyssa from the pureblood Vladimir, who has set his eyes on her.

Now, it is Alyssa's turn to grasp this new state of existence as an eternal child of the night. A powerful vampire, Jade seeks revenge for the death of Vladimir, forcing the sisters to seek allies. In doing so, they uncover ancient secrets as they go to Egypt and take on a clan of vampires threatening them. Aside from other children of the night, they must contend with powerful supernatural creatures such as great serpents and scorpions, all to protect their loved ones from the vile forces threatening them.

"Dark Secrets" will enthrall readers with its chilling adventures while at the same time engaging them with the human themes at its core. It is about recovering from tragedy and carrying on for the sake of loved ones and how there is still hope even amidst the darkest times. The story shows how the bond of love between sisters remains intact despite death and entering unliving existences as vampires. This is one of the quintessential aspects of vampire literature, namely how the inhuman nature of these creatures of darkness makes what little glimmers of humanity they have left stand out, even more, making them so precious to those wrestling with their nature as unliving beings perpetually on the brink of becoming bloodthirsty monstrosities.

"Life is like a puzzle, when it falls apart we must struggle to put the pieces back together again." Alexander says. "I wrote this book, 'Dark Secrets' because I wanted to continue writing about my main characters, the Cromwell sisters. I didn't feel that their story was over yet. I felt that there was more to be told."

About the Author

August Alexander is from Laurel, Mississippi, and has been writing since her teens. She began with short stories before progressing to poetry and novels. She aims to write stories for young readers as well as create fictional worlds that audiences will fall in love with.

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