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Seeking Chimera Stone in Times of Sickness and Loss: The Dark Taal and Pandemic Resemblance

Way back December 2019, when every Christian around the world is preparing for the birth of dear Jesus Christ— disastrous mayhem awaits. A new virus was found; particularly, in Wuhan, China.

The transmission of disease unexpectedly multiplies across the country, causing a massive number of deaths and economic failures. On top of that, racism has become a real deal with Chinese people who savagely experience it. Also, health workers undergo discrimination; hence, some nurses who possess Covid-19 are being kicked out of their apartment, causing them to live in the street while they are going through an extreme sickness with no cure yet. 

It is somewhat tragic that people who need compassion and help often suffer distasteful treatment. However, situations like this lead us to a disturbing question: is it really the virus we are frightened of? Or we’re just terror-struck from the people who heartlessly show disgust and discriminating actions to Covid-19 carriers? 

Dean G E Matthews, the author of the fantasy novel “The Dark Taal,” also faced the same concept in his book to our current horrifying situation. A Firebrand Stone, representing darkness, and a Chimera Stone representing light, play a massive role in the novel. With this in mind, the Chimera Stone was soon forgotten by the world, leaving the Firebrand stone’s evil unopposed as the races advanced and greed prevailed. With only the stone of darkness left, evilness rules the world, causing unwanted wars and demise. 

Likewise, of our current condition, the Firebrand Stone in our hearts actively participates in all monstrous deeds to Covid-19 patients. When discrimination towards the disease occurs, the Chimera Stones within us went resistless. To continue the story of the novel, Pellagrin came in the scene, took the Firebrand stone, and split it into four shards with his followers’ help. Soon, Pellagrin hides the shards from the greedy eyes of men. A dark wizard called Kuelack, who desires to dominate the land of Aymara, seeks the Firebrand shards. However, a young boy was born, and he was called ‘Aridain,’ and his purpose is to destroy the stones and rid the world of all unfavorable power. Unluckily, the god of darkness has other plans. 

Perchance, this is the right moment to stop thinking atrocious thoughts about the disease, and take this opportunity to reflect profoundly about our displeasing behaviors toward it. There might be people in this world portraying the character of Kuelack, whose desire is to promote and seek darkness when all along the way, you are Aridain, whose only goal is to shatter the wickedness in this world, or maybe, you are the other way around. But the point is, show compassion to everyone around the globe, not only during the pandemic, because the world is hard enough already, and adding yourself up to it won’t make you a better person, and will never turn this world into a better place. The Dark Taal may be a fantasy book, but it clearly portrays the harsh, biting truth of our world. Finally, we should learn that wherever in the world of fantasy and reality, it’s essential to choose the Chimera Stone within us and bring light to others.

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