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Seeking God's Presence In Times Of A Weary Heart: Entering the Chamber of God

People have been in many trials in their life. Sorrows, difficulties, and sufferings are kept buried deep inside of us. There are moments where it is easier to put up a facade than to explain the brokenness of our souls. Many have lost hope because they have endured so much, especially in these uncertain times in the midst of a pandemic. But despite all the obstacles in our way, there is a loving God who will always listen to us. In times of pain and trouble, God heals and forgives us. When we get lost in our path, and when darkness is the only thing surrounding us, it is He who shows us light. In those moments when we feel like giving up, it is God who comforts us. This is why Kathleen Lizard-Calhoun has written an inspirational book entitled, Spirit Driven in order that we too can experience first-hand the Divine Intimacy with God who loves us unconditionally.

Spirit Driven is a collection of song lyrics and poems to give us hope and encouragement in our life. The author knows that many are hurting and have been seeking God’s presence. The difficulties in our lives have caused us worries and a wounded heart. Through the words shared to us by the author, the depth of God's love touches the hearts of many. She created a book that contains words of wisdom for us not to lose our path. This book will guide us and give us solace in times of a weary heart.

Bringing this book to fruition was not an easy path for the author. It was life circumstances and personal storms that shaped each poem and song lyric which brought comfort to her own soul during turbulent times. There were difficult situations and obstacles that stood in the way, but God’s help was truly present in her time of need. During the dark times of her soul and turbulent storms in her life, she entered more deeply into the secret chamber of God. The song lyrics and poems were God-inspired during the time of prayer of the author that were meant for personal journaling. These song lyrics and poems served as her own words of encouragement through the rough journey in her life. Calhoun was indeed called by the Heavenly Father when soon after, she began to share the encouragement that she received in prayer with others. It became apparent just as much as these 'Words of knowledge’ helped her get through difficult days; it is only right not to hide it and accept the challenge and responsibility of reaching out to others by sharing these revelations. The author hopes that her book Spirit Driven will give solace and inner strength to many as they also enter the chamber of God in their seeking.

The theme of this book highlights the discovery of the spiritual benefits of drawing near to God in prayer. Calhoun explains that, “Prayer is a way for us to have a deep connection and conversation with God. Prayer is entering into the chamber room of God because we can feel His presence transcending the limitations of the physical world, that we may enter the timeless realm of eternity. While drawing close to God's presence, we encounter His never-ending love and care for us. With our trust and faith in His care, we can live a victorious life, and we know that our soul can overcome anything that holds it captive. We need to remember that He is eager to heal our brokenness and transform our hurting hearts - this is the transformative experience of entering into the chamber of God.”

Spirit Driven received positive reviews and praises from different individuals across the world. Many lives continue to be transformed because Calhoun’s words lift and carry them to greater heights. It is a book that will speak directly to the heart of its readers. Spirit Driven written by Kathleen Lizardi-Calhoun is a must-read book that will be your companion on your spiritual journey. Be part of experiencing the fullness of God's never-ending love. Grab your copies now!

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