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Self-Discovery in A Hundred Places: The Gail' Expedition

Have you ever found yourself lost into the depth of your thoughts as you seek yourself amid life’s wilderness? 

Many people suggest solitude as the best way to have full concentration in finding peace of mind and a sense of being awakened. Moreover, people are meditating now to have peace of mind and search for their own truth and answers. Even though it seems like we already have everything we could ask for, in life, part of us is still looking for something! Lacking is the word we sometimes feel every day, and to fill that space is something we sometimes yearn.

Gail F. Nicholls

Who are you: So what is your reality? Written by Gail F. Nicholls, is a book about finding herself and embracing it all-out. The book contains poetry and inspiring stories and lessons that will surely interest you. Gail’sbook is more like her personal journey as she awakened at three years old and since then retrieved memories of who she is. She never felt like she fitted into society and often acquired a solitary feeling. But at the age of 40, she started to travel around the world and recall her past lifetimes. She went to Egypt, Peru, England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe, India, China, Tibet, America, Alaska to Cold Foot, Mexico, Turkey, Jordan, and Israel, to name a few. Gail did not travel for entertainment only, like many of us; she was also hoping she could find her truth in the places she visited. Sometimes people find themselves through walking, dancing, singing, drawing, and other ways. But for her, to see the world in its physical state is enough. She hopes that reading her book will activate your memory, a story YOU need to remember!

In Part Three, she also includes how DNA makes us who we are; in addition to that, she tackles theories on Extraterrestrials, Earth Cycles, and many more fascinating subjects. She studied Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy plus studied under Michael Newton, which helped her understand how we live multiple lives, always searching for the truth and answers.

According to Gail, “There is more to us than what we know about ourselves.” “Best insight her book can offer is the fact that we hold more potential than we thought we have. Through this book, you will be able to understand the difficulties within us and our children. When we thought life, there are children out there now more aware that might enlighten the world with their wisdom and innovations. Lastly, no one decides or creates our life experiences but ourselves. So, what did you create?

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