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“’It must’ve been a difficult journey to find light while being raised in such a dark place’, Maiya acknowledged.” — Excerpt from The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune By M.A. Frost

Not long ago, in the kingdom of Mattermaph, chaos ensued as a knight leads a rebellion towards the freedom of the kingdom from the grasp of its tyrannical ruler. Unfortunately, this was not the only battle the knight faced; for the king himself was family, the king is his brother. The duality of the two brothers became more evident as they faced each other on the battlefield with different views that challenge the foundation of their principles and moralities. The one lived as an honor-bound and righteous person while the other’s vile deeds and scheming were unmatched. In succeeding the events of the great battle, a seemingly ominous atmosphere creeps over the land, electrifying the very air surrounding the kingdom and with it the beginning of a new chapter that encompasses adventure-filled tales from the noble lords and ladies of Mattermaph, warriors, sorcerers, mercenaries and even mythical creatures. Subsequently, the reader would expect that after such a colossal campaign for the liberation of a kingdom that the victor will then have a happy ending, a life of peace and tranquillity. However, in reality, war is a never-ending cycle. Human beings can experience all kinds of struggles, whether it is a struggle from within or with the influence of outside forces. As the saying goes, we cannot wish for something not to happen to us in times of difficulty; instead, we have to bravely decide what to do with the time that is given to us. As you read each line in this adult fantasy novel, you will feel as if you have been transported into the kingdom of Mattermaph and various locations that the protagonists will venture to. Fully immerse yourself in the world of fantasy, all the while rediscovering your love for adventure and fantasy. Connect with the characters as they go through their journey throughout the land, experience their feelings, empathize with their internal conflicts, learn and grow with them as they continuously challenge their beliefs on morality and values, and relate to them through their various personalities and quirks.

Follow their journey as newly arising threats and bitter conflicts reignite in the book “The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune” written by M.A. Frost.

“When I look towards the future, I also look back and see how much I’ve grown.” –M.A. Frost

About the author: M.A. Frost graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and started his career as a web developer. He began writing as a hobby and realized that his passion for writing fictional stories motivated him to start publishing his own works. Ever since he started reading books, M.A. Frost has always gravitated towards fantasy novels. He completely engrosses himself in a story to fantasize about various mythical creatures and adventures that seem never-ending.

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