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Setting Yourself Up for Success: How You Can Grow a Startup into a Business Empire

Imagine learning how to fly a plane on your own. It's impossible, right? The odds are it will end in a plane crash. Unfortunately, this is how most startup owners approach their business: dangerously and directionless.

This is precisely why most startups fail within five years. Most people don't understand that it takes more than just your passion for setting yourself up for success. It takes stacking the decks in your favor by translating that passion into sound business decisions. And that doesn't happen with trial and error. You need to be guided by time-tested principles that have worked for CEOs of startups and big businesses that have attained sustainable growth and success.

So if you want to learn about these principles and do things the right way, there's no better read than Marc Lamont's book, Growing Start-Up and Scale-Up Activities: Turn Your Dream into Reality. It's not the first time that he's shared his business management insights with the public. Because he's a celebrated author with several well-received books on management topics under his belt, Marc Lamont's latest release also displays his understanding and expertise successfully condensed into easily digestible content.

Through his 43 years of professional experience with new business initiatives and his interviews with more than 250 founders and CEOs, Marc Lamont was able to examine his own experiences with those he interviewed and practically created the ultimate formula to success.

His book contains 20 principles you should follow to survive that five-year mark and transition into a full-fledged business. And what do all these principles have in common? Turning your deep passion into your best friend – something to help you become more efficient and effective in planning and executing your plans. Marc Lamont had definitely seen the other side of the coin when passion became the saboteur: the passion of entrepreneurs can consume them so much that they become deaf to colleagues and customers' advice.

Although Marc Lamont's book seems to be targeted at aspiring startup founders, the lessons you'll get from his book apply to big businesses as well. Big businesses were built from a long streak of good decisions. And to maintain this upward trajectory, Marc Lamont recommends the same playbook – the principles you'll read about in his book – that startups need to grow.

And the most important ingredient to success? Your actions. More than a product of a confluence of factors, you have control of what happens. Outgrow the start-up phase and long-term success means moving on to the next level!

Grab a copy now of this empire-building book, and apply Marc Lamont's 20 principles, you can grow and scale your startup into a business empire.

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