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Shaping Straight the Distorted Reality Through Writing: The David Castells Angelet Story

What keeps you sane?

Have the world gone mad, or its people? In this world, where time never ends to run, it is genuinely suffocating to see ourselves running with the same wave of hopelessness and then hope for a new beginning again. Sometimes, life seems like an endless domino. Without art that continuously entertains us, where do you think we will be? Have you realized why the music you listen to correlate with your current situation or something that happened in the past? At some point, it seems like somebody out there is watching us, writing songs inspired from our lives; but the truth is, our pain and agony are universal. People write songs so they could let go of all of it, and people listen as a reminder to themselves that somewhere along the roads, they are not going through it alone. 

David Castells Angelet

ForDavid Castells Angelet, writing keeps him sane.David Castells Angeletthe author of a fascinating Spanish book titled: Es Que Yo Soy El Kamikaze Japonés, contains series of events of his life and how he got himself involved during the attacks in the United States, particularly on September 11, 2001. The book focused on the great tragedy which people faced during that time. However, David Castells Angeletopposed the idea that these events are just a product of his imagination. Although he fell into schizophrenia at the age of 26 due to the company’s conflict, that does not mean that the events he wrote in the book are purely fictional.David Castells Angeletremembers it brighter than the day. 

Indeed, Es Que Yo Soy El Kamikaze Japonés is the best definition of sanity when everyone says your reality is distorted. Because of writing, David Castells Angelet recovered his truth and engraved it into pieces of paper. Through writing, he was able to straighten up his distorted reality. As he believes that life is better lived with the truth than living it with lies. While most people taste the sweetness of falsehood, David Castells Angelet would instead bite the bitter truth. In addition to that, he also has a heart for children dealing with poverty or the situation he also dealt with. For it is truly sad how these innocent young minds went through the harsh reality of life at an early age. However, hope will rise upon the roof of their clean-handed hearts, and later on, we’ll realize that it is the children that will be the hope of our future.

Regardless of the poverty they face, we, adults, must remain kind, especially those who are just figuring what life is. Though the world is filled with corruption and greed, there are still people out there who believe in the power of kindness. David Castells Angelet proved to us that no matter how hard you went through in life, there are still two things that might prove its purpose: writing and offering kindness to children. 

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