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Share a Part of Yourself and Live Fully.

When do we say that we have lived fully? How do we advocate for a better world in this current system full of conflict, doubts, and selfishness? And when should we start to mold ourselves to be the better version of the generation that already passed?

Here, we have an author full of compassion and sits on the pedestal of moral high ground. Laurence Tysoe is full of experiences and discernment in his 83 years of existence in this world. He was a fostered baby and was schooled in the county of Bedfordshire. He is also a family man married to his wife Betty for 48 years before her passing in 2016. Accordingly, due to personal medical concerns, they choose not to have a baby.

Besides writing, Laurence Tysoe is also interested in photography, socio-political issues, and environmental conservation works. These interests did not remain for self-satisfaction; these interests inspired him to share his thoughts and concerns in life with other people. As an engineer and a social worker, he met and experienced life with the people on the ground.

As an inspiring author, he was also invited and interviewed on other platforms like podcast. In Kate Delaney's one Soundcloud episode, he shares how he comes up with his books and stories. In this engaging interview, he slipped how he constantly writes his thoughts and feelings, bringing together a beautiful narrative. In addition, Laurence shared how he finds fulfillment in sharing these thoughts and feelings in his books to the young developing minds. Thus, his optimism is geared toward a future where his values like caring, sharing, and contributing to the communities will help children become good citizens towards each other and the planet.

Also, he highlighted how he takes delight and great satisfaction in passing on his life experiences, thoughts, and feelings to other people, especially the growing kids, and encourages them to do the same.

In his books entitled "Farmer John's Farm," "Henge," and "Contemporary Poetry," you'll get a picture of how versatile our author is. From Children's books to socio-political themes, he nailed it for everyone else to learn from his experience and thoughts on the things that matter. These books may differ with their target audience and characters – but the central theme of giving moral lessons to the readers is what kept them on the same wavelength.

After all, it takes a part of you to be shared with other people to fulfill a well-lived life.

Check out Laurence Tysoe’s Interviews here with Kate Delaney!

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