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Shares Life Saving Lessons with Traveling Multinational Employees

(March 13, 2021) – Andrew Mackay’s “Trials and Tribulations of a Travelling Prostitute” is a true story and experience (not ghostwritten) of a young man who traveled the world for a multinational company. The outcome was a greater knowledge of the product, apart from the bonus of having one’s perspectives widened upon seeing the vast world. The book also serves as an eye-opener for other company executives traveling abroad.

“Trials and Tribulations of a Travelling Prostitute” is not about prostitutes, as the title suggests. People working at multinational companies are often asked to travel abroad (for work such as maintenance or installation of equipment or to promote a firm’s reputation) and need to take precautions. Andrew Mackay also traveled the world but was unprepared right from day 1.

One fine day, Andrew Mackay boarded a helicopter to travel to a Chevron platform in the North Sea, only to realize that all others wore protecting clothes for freezing temperatures except him. Left to his own devices, with higher-ups not asking about his wellbeing, Andrew traveled across cultures and regions, encountering varying cultures and traditions. Along the route, he was kidnapped at an airport, left stranded, and forced to encounter strange and dangerous places.

If your organization has not done its homework in advance, your very life could be at risk. The book’s theme is about traveling and site experiences, and to teach client personnel on the operations and workings of General Electric Gas Turbines and Auxiliary equipment,” says Andrew Mackay.

Andrew’s experiences made him realize the folly of organizations who send employees out on risky journeys without doing prior research on their safety, cultural differences, and without ensuring there is a phone number that is available 24 hours a day until the employee reaches safety to the site. Another insight was that trouble could result from personal problems of other employees who happened to be on the site.

“Trials and Tribulations of a Travelling Prostitute” aims to instruct all traveling personnel to ensure that they possess all essential information to reach their destination in safety. It will also be valuable to office employees who handle the travel arrangements of other employees. In the end, the book drives home the point that a traveler is a foreigner in another land or country, and so they should ensure utmost safety and watch what they are doing, and especially stay away from drugs or alcohol.

Trials and Tribulations of a Travelling Prostitute” by Andrew Mackay is available from Amazon.


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