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Sharing Christian and Universal Life Lessons Through Storytelling

With "Morality Shorts," author Miatta Lynn Lansana shares a diverse collection of tales meant to instill universal life lessons and values. These are derived from her Christian faith and evangelical background but capture essential truths that can be applied by anyone in the world, regardless of where they are.

Christians and non-Christians alike will enjoy Lansana's melodic tales, anecdotes rich with invaluable life lessons that give readers much to reflect upon. It can also be useful for families that are homeschooling children, as parents can read Lansana's tales to instill in them pivotal values and lessons. Homeschooling and similar arrangements have become more prevalent recently as the COVID-19 pandemic caused schools to suspend in-person classes and utilize remote learning, with parents assisting in the education process, which technically counts as homeschooling. Whether kids are homeschooled in the traditional way or through remote learning, parents have become more involved, playing a more active role in the youths' learning process. This provides them an opportunity to impart crucial lessons, including those that may not be covered in standard textbooks. And Lansana's "Morality Shorts" can help with this, as she draws from her life, family experiences, and faith to infuse the book's stories with a diverse set of wisdom.

The pages of "Morality Shorts" contain nuggets of wisdom that will get readers young and old alike talking, thinking, and searching about how life should be lived. Lansana depicts how difficult it can be to parse morally ambiguous situations, circumstances where the line between right and wrong remains thin. But she also shows readers how they can navigate such tricky scenarios and stay true to their values. Likewise, she depicts the potential outcomes of wrong choices and how they can go downhill and build upon each other, snowballing into ethical crises that can turn lives upside down and send them on a downwards trajectory.

This is why Lansana urges readers to read between the lines whenever they encounter such situations and dilemmas in their lives. By finding true purpose in their lives, a purpose with morality in mind, they will have a reference point that can aid them in dealing with ethical conundrums and avoid pitfalls that could potentially ruin their lives or the lives of those around them. Lansana aspires to give her readers this insight, for she believes that words have the power to heal and replenish, and this has been the inspiration behind her poetry and prose.

About the Author

A born evangelist, Miatta Lynn Lansana made her literary debut with "Definition of a Woman," submitted in the International Library of Poetry contest, which won a spot in their anthology titled "Of Memory Bliss," published in 1999. She had done songwriting for Hilltop Records in 2000 and Amerecord Records in 2001, where her songs "Straight from My Heart" and "God is All You Need" debuted. She published "The Heart of a Woman Through Poetry" and its sequel in 2002. She aims to write a novel in the future. She has been interviewed in Transform U! Media Network.

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