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Sing Me a Lullaby by Kerry Vrossink is a must-read!

Kerry Christine Vrossink has three married sons and six grandchildren. She lives with her husband in the small town of Mandurah, located in Western Australia. She loves to write, and when she is not writing, she volunteers in the soup kitchen that cooks for the homeless and the needy. She has been writing since she was in high school.

"Sing me a Lullaby" is her second novel. The novel is one of its kind.

"Sing me a lullaby" is about Cassie Nelson, who is on a determined mission to find Mr. Right. One fateful night, Cassie runs over a man fully drunk and finds him passed out on the road. She takes Jake Marshall to her flat and lets him sleep in there. Further, she doesn't think about him, but fate intervenes, and they both meet again after a few months in a hotel. Jake is an ideal mate with a cozy and comfortable home and four children.

Cassie and Jake enjoy each other's company, and romance blooms between them. Life becomes good for Cassie. She becomes pregnant after a year, and everyone gets excited about the news. However, Jake's son, Dane, was not happy about the news and wanted to remove her from his father's life.

Her quest for acceptance died when she was pushed down the stairs by someone, and her unborn child died. Jake's children also start dying through accidents, and one gets arrested in charge of murder. The entire tale is quite thrilling. Initially, a woman searched for her Mr. Right, then she met one, and life was smiling at her. Soon she lost her baby because of an accident, and her quest turns into revenge.

Books of Kerry are all commendable, and they are so exciting that readers won't feel like leaving it halfway through. "Sing me a Lullaby" is one of the most comprehensive reads.

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