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Smashing Typical Views on Women and Death: The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr (Book Review)

Carl Anderson, the author The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr, interestingly pointed out our wrong standard views regarding women. According to him, “It’s a beast connotation to metaphorically describe a female’s existence that cut down our traditional view on a woman as a princess, white and innocent.” In addition to that, the book tackles death on a lighter note, and he noted to accept it the same way we accept life. 

We all know how much changes we are acquiring in this world as days go by, where a lot of women during ancient times are strictly required to act modestly and wear women’s clothes. But tables have been turning around these days, as we often see several girls who prefer more to wear boy’s clothes. Surprisingly, those women do not even include themselves as part of LGBTQ; they show interest in wearing oversized shirts and pants; also, they felt more comfortable with loose clothes. Another groundbreaking trait about some women is they like being part of some of the most tedious jobs in the world, such as police enforcement teams, soldiers, and the likes.  The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr is not just a book of a masterpiece. Still, it is also a book written on a whole different level of creativity in terms of showing appreciation to women who are doing a great job in proving to the world that women are not only made for lighter jobs. Even before, women are deprived of power and education because a lot of people believe that their ultimate purpose in life is to take care of the kids, do household chores, and serve the husband. But we can now see plenty of great women winning Nobel prize and being acknowledged as one of the best leaders the country has ever had. In other words, women are free now to be successful in their ideal fields without boundaries, though some are still living the old ways. However, in the end, it’s a matter of choice whether we will follow our desire or culture. 

Another point that this book is portraying is to avoid bitterness in death. Carl Anderson portrayed death in the book as a step towards yet another adventure unknown in naturethat instead of crying over someone’s end, we should think of them venturing a more delightful adventure. The author even mentioned,“Why not to live a rich and good life and not to be bitter about death?” 

Though we can never avoid the fact of how sad it is no longer to feel the physical presence of our loved ones when they die, we should not just blame death for everything. For the people we lost why we still live, we should keep in mind that our end will come anytime at any place. Some people go on first, but that doesn’t mean they left us. 

Carl Anderson undeniably did an artful message with this book worth pondering upon. With its mind-blowing message, the book is a must-read for all ages. 

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