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Spending Holidays in a Vampire Perspective: La Vamp Book 2

Mysterious, Blood Thirsty, and Dangerous – Here are the thoughts that would immediately come up to my mind for the word "vampire." The vampire story is famous folklore that explores the eternal desire of the undead, a luxurious savage and unexpectedly alluring creature that bites for Blood. Many are curious about the thematic appeal of vampires in books, movies, and television shows. Surely, you either heard, read or watch the Twilight series or The Vampire Diaries in contemporary pop culture because they have proven selling points on this vampire-hyped literary culture.

These vampire characters and their lifestyle are also portrayed similarly to human norms today. In the stories, they can also shop in the grocery stores, play sports and even attend classes in an ordinary school. Yes, they can blend well with humans this time.

It was made so readers would be comfortable in the idea of vampires not only foreseen as villains and a Halloween character. The modern literary community already embraced the vulnerabilities of living as a vampire, such as having a family and romance.

Angela Lartey's La Vamp - Book 2 features a vampire family's side on the way they prepare and spend Christmas together. They also welcome relationships with humans, may it be romantic or friendship. Their young ones can schedule a check-up at a dental clinic like other normal kids. They can drive in a fast-food chain and order burgers and fries like ordinary people in the city do. As a reader, you will realize how vampires become more humane and better suited this time as a protagonist in a story.

Featured at the end of book two is the character of Ash, who is a school smart and kind guy. He is Tony's younger brother. He was only a week old when Monica's brother left him and Tony on the doorstep of Doncaster Mirandize Georgian mansion in West Transylvania. At that time, Monica was settling in with Doncaster and his father, and Ash is close to his older brother along with his friends James, Toby, and Annabel, who he worries about the most due to her break up with her older boyfriend.

There will be an upcoming book 3 and 4 soon, so stay tuned for La Vamp. Discover more about the characters and plot in the story by visiting author Angela Lartey's website here:

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