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Spirituality in the 21st Century: Lessons for Inner Peace and Personal Growth

An internationally best-selling book now on its fifth edition authored by Frank Daversa, Spirituality in the 21st Century, is a must-read for everyone trying to survive and rise above life's default path.

The book offers "a contemporary view on spirituality without labels and restrictions, for a highly reactive world," says Developmental Book Editor Susan Schmidt.

Reader Alfiya Ali on the other hand, says, "one needs to read not because it gives you spirituality lessons, it is a book which can provide you peace." "It deals with your inner emotions and also gives you numerous ways to release stress and tensions in life," she added.

Here, Frank Daversa provides us the SIX REASONS of why those who are at the crossroads in life, wondering what path to take, wondering how spiritual growth can strengthen family ties, wanting to build character, and hoping resilience to face life's challenges MUST READ Spirituality in the 21st century.

▪ First, it will teach you to develop your spirituality in all aspects of your life.

▪ Second, it will help you a become a complete person and achieve new levels of fulfillment.

▪ Third, it will uncover a rewarding and fulfilling understanding of different spiritual viewpoints and God.

▪ Fourth, you will discover the role spirituality plays in relationships with others.

▪ Fifth, it will make you understand your spiritual education's broader role in your societal growth as a citizen of earth.

▪ And lastly, it will enable you to see politics, the environment, and other social issues through the lens of a spiritual journey.

Inspired by his faith in God and Jesus Christ; and influences from Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy, the author wishes to contribute his ideas to the social community today on 'how to live and thrive in an increasingly materialistic world.' In addition, he dedicates his book to all 'those yearning for meaning in their lives and a vision with which to achieve it.'

Having been agnostic for 20 years, Frank shifted his outlook, restored his faith, and transformed his way of being after contracting a serious illness in 1997. The author believes that 'one person can make a difference and that every person should try.' By 'paying attention to one's spiritual growth, learn how to exercise your free will and advance beyond your default path.'

Renowned Media Visibility Strategist Debbi Dachinger reviewed the book as presenting "breakthrough concepts for finding deeper meaning in life.' And that 'the author utilize spirituality as a tool to help readers gain more perceptive view to things around them." Moreover, she stressed that Spirituality in the 21st Century gives a "unique message about modern-day spiritualism; a unique perspective on spirituality in the current world." It provides the idea "to elevate one's daily life experiences and truly nurture their soul and body; it portrays spirituality as a key to clarity," she closes.

In these very challenging times, we need something to hold on to and something we can count on to retain whatever's left in us. We need a new lens to re-examine our living ways, refocus goals, and see the world from a different angle. Here's a book designed for the time being.

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