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Spreading Kindness at A Time Where We Need It Most: A Collection of Poems by Missee Nelligan

Peace is something not all of us can afford. Especially as we live in this awry state, conflicts in politics, beliefs and even minuscule things that could tick a person off can cause more harm than good. And at this rate, hatred is a cycle. We have grown to embrace pessimism because the world has been in shambles that we sometimes cannot comprehend anymore. Some of us use hatred to cope, albeit unhealthy. But people cling to those emotions to not face what real life is offering to them. A form of escape, if you will.

However, author Missee Nelligan offers a brighter way for the individual to immerse themselves. Get lost in a whole new perspective, see that there is color amidst such gloom in the world. Her book, "It's All Connected," is a compilation of three inspirational works in which revolve around finding positivity: You Are Your Happiness, Smile For You, and Don't Stop. It is a compilation of poems that supplies the yearning body of light and opportunity.

"I believe we accept other people's opinions of us too much, none of us are perfect, and we all make mistakes," Nelligan says. "Life is different for everyone, and everyone's individuality is beautiful."

Nelligan aspires to lead others to see the beauty within everybody. To find hope beneath such uncertain days, for people to open their hearts and let positivity in, be adventurous no matter how hard the odds could be. The author wants "It's All Connected" to guide you into living a more kind and content path through every verse and rhyme. Her words can be compared to a breath of fresh air. Once you inhale it, you get to see what she has seen: the landscapes, greenery, and the overall vastness of the blue sky. She paints all of these in vivid colors through her words alone. Making you feel like you are her eyes as your soul becomes charged with constant positive energy. Making you feel more in touch with the world around you. Nelligan's poems envelopes the reader into this safe bubble where earthy anxieties slip off little by little. Truly, she knows what she was doing when she wrote this book.

Nelligan mentions she incorporated her little hobbies to construct the book, "I love photography, I love seeing new things, I love looking past what everyone sees, I see beauty. Then it's like words jump out at me, it's what I see which inspires me, it's what I hear that turns my head," she says.

"It's All Connected" is a book done with the intent to help and nurture the tired soul. It is a book worth diving into, for the author believes each and everyone is worthy of feeling like the world is not out to get you for once. A temporary stop-over to take in the beautiful things we often miss to appreciate due to how fast everything seems to be.

Your journey starts here.

Grab a copy of Missee Nelligan's book "It All Connected" here:

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