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Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude – Drawing the Line for Success

Have you ever wondered about your own future? This question always bothers me whenever I hear success stories from others. But what does it really take to be successful? Stay tuned. Let's discuss it.

One of the keys to success is to take care of positive knowledge. In his book "The Power of Attitude Capital," Marc Lamont discusses the importance of getting the correct attitude in reaching one's success and the way to manage its consequences.

You will attract others who can facilitate yours on your quest. You'll also be able to use your time productively - minor problems and upsets won't get in your way, and major problems are solved more quickly and with less effort. Most significantly, a positive can-do attitude attracts success.

The challenge you face, like numerous others, is a way to maintain a positive attitude. The following sentences provide a couple of powerful tools that will facilitate you to decide on your attitude. I tried it first-hand and that I can assure its effectiveness.

Take a clean sheet of paper. Draw a line thereon halfway down the page. Now on the higher half of the page, write in capital letters one below the other O, A, R. While on the other half, write B, E, D, one below the other, in capital letters.

Post it somewhere you could see all the time. It will serve as your constant reminder, which will motivate you to do further.

All you have to try and do now is remember to "Stay over the road in the least times". Whenever you're feeling your attitude wavering, whenever things seem to be on top of you, just remember the phrase, "Stay over the line".

What does this all mean?

Here's the reason - over the line, you've written the primary letter of the three words "Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility". Below the line, you've written the primary letter of the three words, "Blame, Excuses, Denial".

Three of the obstacles that prevent you from maintaining a positive attitude are those three things below. You blame people, your surroundings, the government, and the dog for all the bad things. Your attitude suffers as a result. You create excuses for not solving your problems - letting yourself off the hook. The ultimate demon is denial - denying that anything is wrong with you and your attitude.

Whereas if you embody a positive outlook, can-do attitude, you'll locate yourself playing over the line.

You'll turn the blame into ownership - "I can resolve this problem", you will update excuses with accountability - "It is down to me," and you may update denial with responsibility. Success will come to you through your positive attitude.

Success is strongly connected to retaining a positive mental attitude. To keep a good and can-do attitude, keep in mind the rule "Stay on top of the line, use your OARs to row your boat". However, while you are under the line, you've made your BED, and you're just going to lie in it.

Suppose we keep these things in mind and try to embody it all the time. In that case, they will take you from underneath that dark cloud of negativity and bring you out into the sunshine of a positive lifestyle, having that positive mental attitude.

Whoever reads this, I am sure that you will be successful someday. Just be consistent in having a positive attitude, have faith, and trust the process. Go you!

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