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Sugar Dating: A Ticket to a Lusty and Luxurious Lifestyle

Money talks can be as sweet as sugar. Do you agree with this?

Sugar is more than a sweetener for your brewed coffee in the morning. In another context, it is slang for sweetening relationship or as a euphemism for money. Sugar Dating as a concept is not a brand-new thing in society. Even before, it happens to people who choose this arrangement of dating for a mutual benefit. Typically, it is characterized by a wealthy older adult and a younger person in need of a financial source. In exchange for companionship (with or without sex), material/financial benefits will be given to the other person.

The usual idea of the relationship setup is a rich older man dating a younger woman. People may label or box it to this kind of stereotype. However, Sugar dating is not gender bias; rather, it is open to various gender and preferences. An older woman having enough wealth can also date younger men of their type. It is also open to the LGBTQ line as long as the relationship shows a mutual benefit of luxury and sexual exploration for both persons. Around 2015, sugar dating became prevalent in the online dating community simply because people have easy access to profiles, niches, and desires using a platform. Surprisingly, more people actively participated in it because of curiosity and exploration of their desires.

To understand the actual scenarios of a sugar dating lifestyle in the past era, you can explore fictional novels. I highly recommend the book The Gorgeous Mr. Zane, written by Harry Stefano. Seriously, reading the book would give you a peek at what happens in sugary relationships. The story follows a young English woman who happens to be sexually attracted to Mr. Zane, a successful and gorgeous man but married. Eventually, she had this sexual adventure with him that makes her the secret mistress. The book's art of lovemaking scenarios is described as it is; that shortens a bit of your erotic stirring while reading. On the other hand, Mr. Zane expressed more of his tender loving care extravagantly through giving luxurious gifts and a getaway lifestyle for his secret lover.

Furthermore, the story's theme is focused more on the societal norms, the question of status quo, and woman independence. In a way, it encourages empowered women living during this era. Also, it is interesting and intriguing delving with the shades of a secret romantic affair. Thus, this book is a must-read for someone having this curiosity and interest in the woman's culture of being savage for finance and romantic exploration - upfront and behind the scenes. Grab the book now and think of any possibilities beyond this fiction!

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