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Sugbo: A Young Man’s Journey To Change His Destiny

History is defined by the great people that make it happen. This is undoubtedly the case for Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese navigator who had an instrumental role in changing how people view the world. While we are all aware of what would become of Magellan’s fate when he stepped on the lands that would form and solidify his legacy, there are still mysteries with the events surrounding his death that are yet to satisfy the most curious individuals. Historical events are like an incomplete piece of tapestry. The threads of what we know are already sewn, but there are still more than we have yet to see, and it is in those unseen threads of history from which great stories are born. Sugbo is one of those great stories.

Sugbo is a historical novel by King Macachor that aims to retell the events surrounding the death of Magellan from a perspective that readers will be enthralled to see. The novel’s focus will not solely be on Magellan but will also tell stories from the peripheries of his fateful journey to the Pacific. The novel follows Jonas Martin, a young man from the city of Seville whose desire to change his destiny brings him on a journey that sees him crossing paths with the legendary circumnavigator. He becomes a stowaway on Magellan’s ship, and as a member of a long and grueling voyage, he suffers through diseases, hunger, and monotony. The trajectory of his journey changes upon his arrival on the sandy shores of the Philippine Islands, where he meets Ilang-ilang, a princess of Sugbo and the missing piece in Jonas’s life that will allow him to attain the future he has been yearning for.

Sugbo is an arousing and intriguing fictionalization of Magellan’s arrival on the island of Sugbo. The story veers away from the violence and brutality that surrounded Magellan’s actual death and instead has love as the primary theme that guides the story, its characters, and the events of the novel. Sugbo is a novel that escapes cliches and follows its own way to tell a story that is not only meaningful and genuine but also inspiring and informative because of the brilliant characterization of each character within the novel and the excellent mixing of real history with fiction to create an engrossing narrative that will captivate not only people adept and familiar with history but also people who are simply looking for a great book to read.

King Macachor is an individual fuelled by his ambition and defined by his determination. After completing his studies and earning his degree as a Liberal Arts major in English and Law, he migrated to Europe where he started earning his living by writing short articles for other people, doing odd jobs in translations, and teaching English in Madrid, Spain, where he would eventually discover his passion in writing. To follow King Macachor and his other works, visit the following links:

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