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Sunshine After the Rain: Rising Above Adversity During a Pandemic

The pandemic brought a devastating impact on the lives of people in the world. Several issues in countries arise, such as unemployment, inconvenience for the education sector, bankruptcy, closing of businesses, and security for the public health. According to a news article, young people need to develop crucial skills to cope with coronavirus pandemic’s drastic effects to sustain the future generation. Stress management, critical thinking, problem-solving, and tenacity will give them resilience to deal with the shock of Covid-19 and unexpected pandemic phenomenon to come.

Many of us feel the frustration of being on quarantine for a long time. Is the lockdown still making a sense? Watching the news on the television only exhausts the mind that brings you more stress. Pause for a while, my dear. Breathe with nature and calm yourself from the inside.

Live your days As the Oceans flow Live your Days As the Free wind blows

– Day and Night, Bruce Plant

Upon reading good poetry from the Songs of Sunshine and Rain: An Anthology of Wisdom for all Ages, the more I appreciate the simplicity of life. Staying at home allows you to notice the tiny details of your life. We live one day at a time. We take time and realize the good things we usually take for granted. The poem from Day and Night helps you to reflect on gently going with the flow of life. True enough, that situation in front of us is depressing, but we are still blessed beyond everything. 

Little deeds of kindness, Little thoughts that care Let us know who God is. Let us know he’s there.

Prayers, Bruce Plant

Pandemic brought us closer to our faith. When people used to be busy, all their attention is about the material world and the corporate routine. Now, there’s room for more introspection, so we have more time for contemplating to what matters most. During tough times, our faith is tested. Do you believe we can survive the crisis today? Your fervent belief can save you.

Things take time. Series of Unfortunate events have a purpose, a calling to remember who made it all. Our goal is to rise above this adversity. The hope is within us. Fill your every day with gratitude and appreciation with all the things you have right now. Doing this will give light to the darkness of depression and the annoying sound of anxiety inside you. Don’t rush. It is a process. By then, reach out to others to bring hope and create things that will spark some inspiration they also need. We only have each other now. All we need is a little more generosity and solidarity to see the sunshine again after the rain.

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