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Sunshine Smiles with Missee Nelligan

According to Einstein, "The shortest distance between two persons is a straight line." While I may not be a physicist genius, relativity brainiac, and the most brilliant person of my generation, I beg to differ. The shortest distance between two people is a smile. This "infectious sparkle and glimmer of hope" is the author Missee Nelligan's key takeaway from her works.

Missee Nelligan is the passionate and jubilant author of "Smile for You," "Don't Stop," and with Marija Hall, "You are Your Happiness." The quoted part earlier was taken from the first-mentioned book compiling her stunning photography and inspiring poetry. What's interesting about the book is it is not whimsically positive. It intimately knows life's darkest parts while adhering to its shining glory. Strangely, the book has its way of touching you.

While authors are under society's impression to be broody, temperamental, and aloof, that is not always the case, especially with our outgoing author. She is passionate about photography. More so, she loves the beauty that her lens can capture: the ever-changing sea, the gorgeous night sky, and the smiles of people. These are what inspires her and makes her turn her head: the beauty of individuality.

Books, poetry, photography, blog-making, Missee Nelligan even hosts a podcast on poetry. Her larger-than-life approach to life is enamoring, more so at life's darkest moments. Just as how the sun touches our skin, she hopes her books can light up people's hearts. She goes on to hope for her readers and everyone in general to "live daily, dream bigger, and follow your heart." Ultimately, she asks everyone the million-dollar question we all know but are afraid of the answer to: "We all have the opportunity to do something we love, but do we ever take it?"

To know more about this author's sunshine, you may check out her books on Amazon and her website,, for more of her content.

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