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Surreal Realms of a Real Creative: Peter Locke

You are at school, but an alien is there. Instead of wearing a school uniform, you are wearing fine dining evening wear. The scene shifts, and now you are by the river holding a sword and shield, still in that fine dining evening wear. A raging dinosaur launches against you. Undecided on what to do, you stretch out your sword shaking, and close your eyes so hard. The sword boops the dinosaur’s nose, petals flew all over, the furious dinosaur morphed into a cute bunny.

You open your eyes and see streaks of light coming through window blinds. You’re awake, and it was all a dream.

Some dreams feel so real, as if they have happened. Author Peter Locke is all too familiar with this sensation. The not-so-wide difference between him and you? He made his dreams come true not with blood-dripping, swashbuckling styles but with the mighty pen and paper.

Peter Locke is the author of the fantasy/coming-of-age fiction series, Mikkee the Martian. The series includes “Mikkee Arrives,” “The Tiger and the Fair,” “The Ghost and the House,” “The King and the Castle,” “The TV Studios,” “A Trip to Mars,” and “Santa and the Genie.” The newest addition to the collection is “Pirates and the Aliens.” The latest book follows the lead characters Mikkee the Martian and siblings Billy and Jilly Watson as they have a thrilling adventure down the Bermuda Triangle. The notoriously ambiguous area detailed by the friendly neighborhood Martian is occupied with time bubbles of horologically trapped aliens, ship-raiding pirates, and a certain oceanic god.

With 50 years of experience as a television producer, director, and studio cameraman, creating surreal worlds like this is nothing but a creative exercise for author Peter Locke. With the innate knack for storytelling, a legit entertainment experience, an off-beat sense of humor, and a quirky perspective, Peter Locke reels you into his artistic fiction world.

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