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Swashbuckling Adventure Unfolds as Heroes Seek Powerful Artifacts

An epic voyage awaits readers in the pages of author Fergal Joe's epic, "The Golden Eagle and the Fiddle of Doom 2: Protectors of Weapons." The second installment in a series, this tale of adventure and excitement follows a cast of heroes' race against time to thwart villains who have emerged from the floodgates of hell, bent on world domination.

After King Hovercraft slays Hanneck Ramose, her brother Rhymes Ramose swears to avenge her by destroying the world, for he holds the rest of humanity responsible for his sister's death. The second installment begins with a plane crash. The pilot Keith Black finds a ship in the desert with its captain, John Coiners. Coiners recounts to him how they found the Fiddle of Doom, a powerful artifact. At the same time, beings from the underworld head to Africa to find weapons buried in Mount Kina. But they will not have an easy time, for the mountain is guarded by two giants, Big-foot and Horses-ash, who are charged with keeping the gates of the mountain and protecting the weapons hidden within. The underworld forces and armies must contend with these giants. All while the mortal adventurers find a way to save humanity before it is too late.

This is a tale written by a farmer's son struggling with dyslexia and has prevailed over his condition to the point of writing entire novels filled with excitement and adventure. With his Fiddle of Doom saga, he shows that dyslexia can be overcome and that a creative mind can surpass those boundaries to pen an engrossing and enthralling tale full of fantastic exploits and daring deeds, as well as memorable heroes and villains.

"The Golden Eagle and the Fiddle of Doom 2: Protectors of Weapons" and the rest of the saga are triumphs of vision and imagination. With these stories, Joe also touches on profound themes - such as the immense grief Rhymes Ramose feels for the loss of his sister, which has transformed into a rage and a longing for vengeance that threatens the entirety of the human race. Readers will see how the heroes contend with this grief-stricken antagonist in Joe's mythic tale that is nonetheless populated by heroes and beings who are very much human.

About the Author

Fergal Joe was born in October 1975. He went to Fermanagh College and did a course in English, math, and brickwork. He also went to the Agricultural College Ennis Killen, where he did an NVQ level one in beef, sheep, and dairy. He helps his father on the farm from time to time. Currently, he works with computers and does picture framing as well as a level one coach in kayaking.

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