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Taming the Beast Around Us: Insights on Discrimination during Crisis

Discrimination is becoming one rampant issue in the time of the pandemic. We witness how people in different races protest to protect themselves from oppressors. Remember the issue of “Black Life Matters” on several articles in the past months. The prejudicial treatment for black people in America causes chaos and activism in Americans’ quiet lives.

Moreover, racial discrimination towards Asians residing in the US also. Since COVID 19 was known to originate in China, all Chinese looking (Asians) in the US were maltreated and disrespected.

We are fully aware that people do not deserve discrimination, yet this is still existing and even contagious as the virus of this pandemic. What beast could they see with these people who have intentions  degrading other people that haven’t done anything wrong? Or, are they instead the real beast in this world? 

Carl Anderson wrote the bookBeast in the Theatre of Marina Carr.” He was inspired by the Marina Carr, a prolific Irish Playwright, about how she portrays the darkness some people suffer on the inside. There were also issue about the works of Marina Carr that aren’t good portrayals of motherhood. Most of her works are giving contrasting imagery of what a woman should be. She was referred to as a writer whose work gives light to the society’s taboos specifically on womanhood. On the other hand, her early plays were attractive to independent theatre companies and the National Theatre in the late 1980s. 

Anderson finds Marina Carr’s works the perfect piece of helping him express his resentment to the world he used to live. In the book, he only chose three famous theatre plays entitled “Portia Coughlan,” “By the Bogs of Cats,” and “Woman and Scarecrow,” written by Marina Carr to deduce using the Deriddean perspective. The common ground of these three is the protagonist being the actual beast around them. They are haunted by the unsolved issue from the past and unforgivable situations at present. They were not able to rise above all these negativities that led the theme of the story dark and lost. As Derrida read in this text, humanity must admit the animal/beast is also in man as a defined force of our culture. Anderson, as the author, explained that it is entirely relative to his life full of struggles. Having an odd personality, it is a challenge for him to get understood by his comrades, instructors, and authority. He thought of pursuing an artistic path instead, which is writing and literature. He left the life he had with sports, his first love, to communicate his thoughts, desires, and passion for justice. As a result, it brings more satisfaction and fulfillment for him.

In the current issues today, to delve all through this will only bring stress. As much as possible, ground yourself all the time and prioritize your well-being. To tame the beasts around us, start taming the beasts inside ourselves. The cure inside will take away the beast around you.

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