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Teaching God Love in I’m Alright Day and Night by Christine Lee Pruitt

When you’re a child, love is the first thing that’s taught. Learning how to be sincere, be giving, and empathy is the first lessons of life that our mother teaches us, but as children grow up, so is their love for God should be.

How do we teach children about God’s love?

The answer can be varied, but rhymes and poems that are easy to understand are some of the most famous ways of teaching children. That is exactly what the author, Christine Lee-Pruitt, intended for her book I’m Alright Day and Night.

Born in 1979 in Oak Lawn, Illinois, the mother of four raised her children single handedly with God’s guidance in her life. So in 2010, she heeded the call of God to be a writer and pursue a writing journey. With a loving heart, she wrote a book that is not only easy to read but one that will help develop bonding among parents and improve a child’s comprehension and memorization through wordplay and the rhyming of the words that can be entertaining for the little children to read. It is easier to teach children through fun wordplay and the author, in hopes of teaching God’s love, did just that.

Teaching children about God’s love can be a challenging yet fruitful journey for parents that pursue it. Certain questions and curiosities arise, and it might be overwhelming for parents to answer them. Still, with the help of this book, this can provide parents a way to enjoy reading to their children at bedtime and guide them in answering the questions about God’s love. Bible verses might be easy for grown adults to understand. Still, it has to be different for children in order to make them interested in learning religion and spirituality at a young age.

This book, a collection of nursery rhymes and poems that were creatively put together, aims to not only teach the children the word of God but also to make them remember these passages in their hearts. To educate them and slowly, over time, learn more about the love of God through their own curious ways as growing children can learn to seek God in God’s perfect time. Perhaps, this book is an excellent start for the children and for the parents who want to introduce God to their children. After all, the highest form of love is the one that can leave them with a deep, purposeful meaning in life, and by letting them know that there is a love that is unconditional and true, one that is greater than the love of humankind will carve out this knowledge that there is a God that would always be there for them.

As Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 19:14, that God’s kingdom are intended for the children of God and that this knowledge should not be hindered from them but must be taught at a young age that there is an eternal life, one that is free from all the pain and suffering that the world offers.

When parents start their children young, they will never turn away from these teachings, and that is what God intends through Christine Lee Pruitt’s artistic writing for children.

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