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Teaching is Learning and Vice Versa

Often, people link technology and ICT with the young, the cream of the crop, and the computer geeks. But now, our author is here to break that stigma of Technology and ICT as an elitist and challenging matter. In Ajitha Nayar K’s book “Teaching and Learning in Technology Empowered Classrooms—Issues, Contexts, and Practices,” everyone is urged to learn about this interesting and significant topic. Whether it is someone who already teaches or just started learning the language of technology and ICT, this book is one for keeps.

As an educator, she believes in the importance of quantity and quality of learning. Thus, learning from experience and her observation – she noted that most professors do not look for ways to innovate and upgrade their teaching skills. Consequently, it results in inactive or loss of interest from the young students. Hence, she wanted to encourage active learning and participation from the students with the complexity of technology and ICT by producing this helpful book.

More so, in topics such as Technology and ICT – there is a great need to put ideas into context. For the same reason, matters like policies and the history of technology education were given importance and discussed. In addition, this book intends to help and solidify the basic concepts of education in its broad context. And to get into the specific details of technology and ICT subject.

This work is highly commended for its appreciation and critical analysis of Technology and ICT concerning the whole educational system. Thus, learning and teaching Technology and ICT should not be treated as stand-alone subjects. It is important to note that this subject matter cannot pursue and go further without knowing its early beginnings, scope, and prospects of education – where our author takes off.

In an ever-growing and changing world, teaching and learning from one another is imperative. Suppose we want to be better educators and better learners. In that case, it must be applied to the general educational system while emphasizing the importance of keeping up with the innovations of Technology and ICT. More than ever, we have seen how the pandemic caught the world off guard and highlighted the importance of Technology and ICT literacy as an alternative way of coping with our lives despite the physical restrictions.

As a firm believer that no one monopolizes knowledge, this book came into being.

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