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Love is a cosmic force that drives people to go the extra mile for someone else. It is the idea behind the sense of protecting someone, keeping someone happy, doing unconditional favors, and the list will keep on going on forever. The things that people do out of love are always driven out of a selfless intent. However, it remains a wonder how far someone will go for the person they love?

There is nothing else more desirable than to see the people you love happy. Securing their happiness could mean ensuring yours too. Sacrifices are often uncalled for when it comes to loving someone. You willingly provide what they need and do what pleases them the most to your utmost abilities, even if it means sacrificing your own. It is undeniably satisfying to see the people you love living the best possible life they could get. On the other side of the coin, describing the agony when you see them hurting or unhappy remains to be beyond the worldly vocabulary. Most of the time, people tend to take the path of anger when they come to this point. Although love and anger seem to be incomplete contrast, a fit of anger-driven by passion can be seriously noxious. Their love for the person who was hurt has its depth and becomes the fuel to their resentment.

Fergal Joe's book, The Golden Eagle and the Fiddle of Doom: the Rising of Souls, is a closet fit paragon to this situation. It follows Rhymes Ramose's story, which seeks to destroy the world after a man called King Hovercraft killed his sister. He firmly believes that the whole world is responsible for his beloved sister's death and pursues getting revenge on everyone. Although Rhymes is the protagonist in the story, the book has multiple characters that personify unconditional love and courage to do anything for those they truly value. As the book describes the wrath of a person driven out of love, it unveils multiple stories of people who are willing to do anything for the sake of those they truly love.

As people love their families and loved ones with their entire being, they must not forget that it goes the same way for other people. The harm that people inflict on others, regardless of the reason, is harmful to them.

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