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The Adventure of the Time Witches: Sequel to the Eight Skulls of Teversham

When we put trust as the center of a friendship, we can create a team that can conquer all obstacles.

Even in ancient times, we hear about witches and their deeds, how they punish whomever they want, and their hideous appearance. We know about them based on the stories we heard and read. Until now, no one can prove their existence and how they got the power; what we all know are they are evil.

But what if what we know about them is only half the story, and there's more to learn about them?

A particular book, a story about witches and how they all began, can answer all of our questions.

The Adventure of the Time Witches is a book about three-time witches searching for answers about their origins. Natasha, Crystal, and Shanice are three friends who travel through space and time. They travel back to the beginning of their race, the first witches, and how they acquired their powers. Let us join the adventure of these three and open our eyes to the wonder of the world of witches. Discover how the author presents the witches' origins and how their quest leads them to build a solid foundation of friendship while seeking answers in this story.

Author, S.R. Sutton
Author, S.R. Sutton

Author Stephen Sutton gives justice to all his characters, an adventure that will pique our interest in witches and their stories and origins. He also adds creatures like aliens, androids, goblins, and many more. He wrote a story that people of all ages can read.

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